The Complete Guide to Men’s T-Shirts

According to fashion experts, a man will always look his best when he is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The rest of the wardrobe is simply a game that they enjoy playing. On this note, perhaps men should pay attention to their tees. Men’s T-Shirts have become a definitive wardrobe essential for men these days, even though they started off strictly as only underwear. Gradually, they developed into work wear and now you would be hard pushed to finding a man who has never, once in his life, owned a tee. This 100 year old garment is also the only one that can literally be worn anywhere and on any occasion; whether you are going to bed or the gym and can also be worn under a suit.

However, there are still some considerations that should be made when men are buying this basic item for their wardrobe. First and foremost, the fitting of the t-shirt says a lot about a man. A man is telling the world they don’t care about themselves when they wear a tee that’s baggy with the excess fabric creating a tent around your body and the sleeves falling sadly off the shoulders. On the other hand, they will come off as a narcissist if they give a stuffed-sausage effect with exploding seams.

The perfect fit of a t-shirt is one that highlights those parts of the body that a man is most proud of. It will draw attention to the areas they are conscious about. The best attributes usually are:

  • Arms: Men usually want to show off their triceps and biceps so either they fold the sleeves or want them to be slightly shorter.
  • Shoulders: Here a slim fitting style is needed that would just skim over this area of the body.
  • Abs and Waist: The best t-shirt will be one that doesn’t drape around the waistline and has a tapered cut.

In the case where men aren’t confident of their body or don’t know which aspect to emphasize, they should simply get a classic fit in their usual size and should focus on the fabric, color and neck style. Over-sizing in an attempt to conceal should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, if the upper half of the body is worth flaunting, this doesn’t mean that you become a stuffed sausage or go shirtless either.

Apart from that, men should also remember that a classic t-shirt is one that doesn’t go below the hips. The sleeves of a good t-shirt should only cover the half of the upper arm. The fitting of a t-shirt will be ideal when it isn’t restrictive for the wearer i.e. it isn’t skin tight and allows the person to move around comfortably. While colors such as black, navy, grey and white are timeless colors that can be chosen by men, a t-shirt is also an element that allows them to experiment with colors like red, green and pink because it is easy and affordable.