If you are in Idaho and you get to visit Stanley, don’t even dream of missing the fun with Sawtooth Adventure Company. The best fun of all funs and the best way to have fun in Stanley is through the packages and plans from Sawtooth Adventure Company. If you love water and more than water, if you love adventure, there will be nothing more memorable in your life than a day’s trip with this company. Their trips, plans and packages have been rated the number 1 entertainment in Stanley on the internet by hundreds and thousands of internet users.

What’s So Great About This Company?

Stanley is not like those big cities that offer entertainment in the middle of the hustle of a city. It wouldn’t offer you the nightlife of Las Vegas or the skyscrapers of New York, but it will definitely offer you fun in the water, among the mountain peaks and in wilderness that you could only imagine in your dreams. Sawtooth Adventure Company has made Stanley a big tourist and vacation attraction for people from around the country and the world. A trip with the company lets you make the most of Salmon River. You wouldn’t have enjoyed a river in the same way as you would enjoy Salmon River just because of the fun and entertainment this company has added to it.

The company provides the best of rafting trips to families and adventurous people coming from around the world. The rafting is done in the Salmon River that runs in the mountains, sees various twists and turns and is known for running in the wilderness. You won’t see any human intrusion, roads and other things when you are here and this is what makes it special. In different months of the year the rafting sees different levels of thrill. For example the month of June is for people with highest enthusiasms and strongest hearts because the water flow is very fast and the level of thrill is at its peak as you ride the raft through twirls of the mountain in the white water of Salmon River.

How To Experience?

You get to choose from many different types of trips that are offered by the company. There are one-day trips and multiple-day trips too. The trips include only rafting with meals or rafting and fishing with meals and stays at different locations. The Salmon River is known for having huge numbers of trout so if you want to catch some trout, this is the place for you to try it out. You get to choose from the various trips and you can always pick the all inclusive packages from them. Once you have chosen an all inclusive package you just need to bring your personal items and the rest will be taken care of by the company.

All your accommodation, camping, rafting and equipment needs will be met by the company without you even asking about them. As you stop by at several points for some rest, the delicious and freshly cooked foods will take you into a heavenly state of mind. The menus change every day so if you are on a multiple-day trip, you will not be bored of eating the same thing over and over.

There are youth programs that run for 3 days and with additional charges almost any kind of fun and adventure can be added to these programs. Mountain climbing, kayaking, biking and fly fishing can also be made a part of these trips.

If you want to see and experience the beauty of the entire area by staying out of the water, mountain biking programs are also available for you. Just ride the bike for almost an entire day and pass through the most beautiful and scenic points through the entire area of Sawtooth National Recreational Area. Don’t even worry about the lunch, bottles, water and your transportation needs because the company will provide that as a part of the package.

Other Activities In The Area

The area surrounding the Salmon River and the entire Sawtooth National Recreational Area is sheer wilderness. It’s the time to get out of the technological world, switch off your cell phones and computers and feel the nature at its best with melodious Salmon River singing in the steep mountains. Other activities than rafting and fly fishing include biking and horseback riding. The horseback riding trips also take you through some of the most beautiful scenic areas and the trips are completed on the trails since there are no roads. The horseback riding trip will take you to Sawtooth Lake, Marshall Lake and Hell Roaring Lake.

If you want to start on a basic level and do not wish to jump in the sheer thrill of Salmon River, standup paddle program is the best for you to start. These are instructional programs and are suitable for teenagers and even the adults. All this and much more will be done in the middle of the mountains, beside a river and in the wilderness. A refreshing, energizing and pure getaway from the noisy city lives.