The Benefits of Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is being offered by numerous web hosting providers these days. In simple terms, reseller hosting is where the owner of the reseller service will rent out a portion of bandwidth and disc space to other end users. Therefore, the owner of the account actually becomes the hosting service provider to those users who have rented the bandwidth and disk space. This type of hosting package is a reliable solution, whether you are looking for a hosting service than can handle your needs or plan to initiate your own hosting company. There are several benefits that can be associated with reseller web hosting services and the prominent ones are outlined below:

  • More room to grow

If a business has several websites or a large one, it will probably have a lot of traffic. With a reseller package, the business will only have to pay one monthly fee rather than paying several providers and take advantage of a large space and variety of features at the same time. Some companies wish to use different servers and URLs for running different segments of their websites and this can be extremely expensive. With a reseller package, such companies don’t have to get additional hosting plans. Instead, different amounts of space can simply be allocated to different segments.

  • More features

A greater amount of features are typically incorporated in reseller accounts as opposed to basic hosting plans. Individual control panels are offered to the business, which can be highly powerful and enable effective website management. Unlimited SSL certificates are offered by numerous services with a reseller account along with powerful control panels that are usually provided in dedicated hosting.

  • No maintenance

With a reselling plan, a company doesn’t have to purchase its own service. In fact, reseller web hosting is very similar to dedicated hosting with one primary difference; the business doesn’t have to worry about dealing with any complicated server issues if there is anything wrong. The reseller package provides them access to a technical support department that will be able to fix any issue, which may arise.

  • Less expense

With reseller hosting, a business is able to reap the benefits that are associated with dedicated hosting plans, but without the added expense. As compared to dedicated solutions, reseller packages are very low priced so a business can use the financial resources for improving other aspects of the website. Also, as mentioned before, reseller plans are cheaper when several different sites are running at the same time.

  • More control

A reseller package typically allows owners of the website to manage it easily. They have access and control to all the different features such as bandwidth limits, disk space usage and other important areas.

  • Income

If the reseller web hosting space isn’t being used, the extra space and bandwidth can be rented out to someone else for earning extra income. This is a great way of making the website pay for itself without having to compromise on the space and bandwidth needed.

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