Taking Durability Into Consideration When Buying Portable Charger
Image via digitaltrends.com

It seems that a portable charger has now become a necessary item to keep for all smartphone, tablet and mp3 player users. Smartphone users are the most common users of portable chargers and there are several reasons for that. It is not that the battery of latest smartphones are not powerful or they don’t have more capacity, the real reason is that people like to use their smartphones more and more since their functionalities have increased. Your smartphones can do more than what they could ever do before. These increased features have made users use their smartphones more and drain batteries faster.

Almost every smartphone user needs to recharge his phone’s battery at least twice in the day if he is using the phone a lot. If you are into texting you will lose the battery fast but if you use internet on your smartphone you will lose the battery faster. The cameras on new smartphones have made them replace some professional cameras as well. This has made it a necessity for people to carry their smartphones with them when they are going on picnic. These places don’t have any supply of electricity and power outlets so it is highly recommended to carry portable chargers.

Portable chargers are picked based on many factors. The most important thing to see in a portable charger is its capacity i.e. how much charge it can hold. However, another important factor to look into is the durability of a portable charger. The durability of a portable charger first depends on the material it is made of. Most of the chargers are made of plastic but this is not inferior plastic. In most cases, the charger will not be damaged at all if it falls down or slips from your hands. However, there are metal versions as well.

The metal versions are more durable than plastic versions but they can be heavy. Another good thing about metal portable chargers in addition to their resistance against the impact of fall is that they don’t burn quickly. If you have accidentally left the charger close to a fireplace your metal portable charger is definitely going to survive the heat unless it is placed right inside the fireplace. On the other hand, a plastic charger will burn as soon as it is exposed to extreme heat. The factor of durability also depends on how the charger is made. See this durable portable charger guide to learn more.

Portable chargers are made in many shapes. Those that are bigger and glossy have higher chances of falling from your hands. On the other hand, there are portable chargers that look just like sticks. You can easily hold them in your hands and so the fear of dropping them is much less in their case. Chargers that are in flat shape are more durable than the ones that are round or made in other shapes. The flat surface protects the USB ports properly too. Lastly, you might also want to see how easily you will be able to keep your portable charger in your denim pocket without breaking or bending it.