Take the Control of Your Computer with SniperSpy

SniperSpy will allow you to control many computers just like your television. You can control any computer and know every single part of its internet activities by using this software. Basically, this software is a spy and monitor software. It can be used for your company’s computer or your home computer. When you have installed this monitoring manager, you can see that there are many updated features which will be offered for you. The features are simpler and efficient compared with the other spy monitor. It means that your work and activities will also be helped by using this software in your computer. In addition, this monitoring manager can also be a protection for your family and your business.

SniperSpy Monitoring Software Overview

There is a trial version of SniperSpy before you purchase the full or professional version of this program. Although it is not as well as its pro version, the trial software can also give you a testing media for your computer devices. The recording process will be limited in thirty minutes. If you are using the trial version, you may get a message which is displayed upon the installation process. In this case, we recommend you to use a professional version for your computer. It is different with the trial version; the full version can be remotely installed in total stealth without time restriction.

To make a best performance, SniperSpy will be available in many updated features. Through those features, you can see what kind of internet activities that have been done by your children and employee. In this case, you can record any password for email, login, instant messenger or other from the monitored computer. In addition, you can also see the website that has been visited by using this spy manager. All the monitoring process will be perfectly recorded by its capture feature. You can get the screenshot of your monitoring process and save the screenshot into your private account that you have made in its installation process.

By using this special monitoring manager, you can block some sites in your computer. You may want to block some violence and sexual sites. So, let’s go to install this software in your computer. In this case, the installation process is also simple. It can be processed remotely from a distant location. You only need to send an email to the monitored computer. If it has been opened, SniperSpy will run its installation process automatically. In this case, you can control and monitor the process in your devices. You can also get an email notification if there is something wrong in its monitoring process. In addition, this software is also fully and compatible with several firewall such as Windows operating system.

Make sure that you always update this software to get a maximum performance. The latest version of this monitoring software will be provided in its official website. The official website also provide a guiding tutorial if you have any question about this product. It means that your entire question will be answered through the article, costumer forum or FAQ feature in the official website of SniperSpy.