A woman bears an extreme pain giving birth to a child, risking her own life. Getting pregnant and then giving birth might be easy to say but difficult to perform as it takes nine months for the child to grow in the womb of the mother, keeping her extra cautious about her health. Various conditions appear during this whole process in which physically and mentally a woman passes through several changes giving her a life time experience. These body changes can sometimes be very painful disturbing the whole body of a female and bringing her to a new forceful change.

Science has described various symptoms of pregnancy which may include abnormal periods, vomiting, skin color changes, skin stretch marks, soreness and enlargement of breasts, fatigue, frequent urination, headaches and many others. Most common change, and perhaps the first one to occur, is the vomiting in the morning which shows within 2-8 weeks of intercourse and continues for a time period, this can be really painful because sometimes it also includes blood, this is a very serious symptom and one should immediately consult the doctor. Second most important indication is the missed periods or abnormal periods, vomiting and this symptom may come side by side so no one can actually say which comes first, basically depends on the condition of the female. In the irregular periods blood loss can be a serious problem but it’s only a rare case.

In the physical change breasts of the women may get enlarge or swallow or sore, this change is notable in the 1st or 2nd month. Women need not to worry about this change as it’s completely natural and after the childbirth the body nearly restores its original position. A pregnant woman needs to take her days off from her work because these symptoms of pregnancy can really affect the work of a woman.  Back and head aches are common during the pregnancy period as a sudden rise in hormones can increase these painful aches. Dehydration, impending menstruation and frequent urination also occur. Due to hormonal imbalance, skin around the nipples may get darker. Women have strong food cravings during the pregnancy period in which they start eating a lot of different types of food and it’s also noticed that food aversions also occur as women start disliking some types of food.

Overall, a poor diet, lack of certain nutrients, stress and depression are also accompanied during the whole pregnancy period. The time period of developing symptoms also varies in women as some would experience the symptoms after conception while some women might experience their symptoms after some weeks while it has also been researched that in some women these symptoms develop slowly. It is essential to consult a doctor as soon as the first symptom develops, as not all changes in the body are due to pregnancy and they could pose a serious threat to the health of a woman. It is equally important for the family and friends of a pregnant lady to take good care of her and ensure a balanced and nutritional diet.