Are you tensed because your husband is not coming home late, not paying attention towards you, keeps his phone busy all the time, mostly does not attend your calls while he is away from home, pretends to be busy on weekends with colleagues, looks suspicious and keeps his cell phone away from you. Of-course you have good reasons to be worried. Now you have to think to resolve this matter wisely. One way is to complain, criticize and fight for your rights. This might be useful for your future or it might go against yourself as well. A good way will be to find the facts about matter and adopt an appropriate strategy to resolve the issue.

Now what should you to do know about the facts that why your husband is behaving like that. You can take the help of modern technology. It will help you to find out where your husband spends most of his time, to whom he is busy on his phone mostly, with whom he is exchanging text messages as well as emails through his iPhone, where does he go on weekends while he pretends that he is busy with his colleagues and (most important part) is there any new addition (any new women) in images and photos that he saves on his mobile.

So you must have an iPhone Spy App Cydia and this a software application which will help you what you are looking for. It will give all the details which will help you to track and monitor your husband’s activities. After you are done with purchasing and installing iPhone Spy App Cydia, you can be get connected with the iPhone of your husband. Now everything is under your control. It is just like as you are sitting in front of your husband all the time. If he does not respond to your call, you can initiate a spy call on your husband’s iPhone which turns on his microphone and lets you listen the surroundings secretly.

Sometimes, if his cell phone is busy, iPhone Spy App Cydia allows you to intercept immediately into his call and lets you listen everything silently what he talks to the other person. You can check and monitor his Call Logs, Messages, Emails and Locations (including location history) through iPhone Spy App Cydia. Additionally Spy App Cydia will keep the records of all these activities done by husband through his iPhone, so that you should have proofs of all his activities.