It’s not uncommon for people to undertake a massive cleanup of their wardrobe at the beginning of every fashion season. People are usually in the habit of discarding old clothes and accessories and replace them with new ones to get a different and yet look. This means that people become ruthless when they are pruning their wardrobe and get rid of stuff they think is unnecessary. However, knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep is very important. Otherwise, throughout the new season, one will keep wishing they hadn’t thrown something out. Careful evaluation can prove to be handy in the long run.

Those who are cleaning out their wardrobes should keep in mind that some trends are everlasting and do not pay heed to restrictions of seasons and time. There are some clothing items that can be used anywhere and anytime and should remain an essential part of your wardrobe. Some of these items are discussed here:


The cape is usually a winter layering item and perfect for it. Therefore, it’s pretty hard to imagine for people that it can come in handy in any other season as well. Not only are they useful, but they can be unexpected and pleasant in any month. They can be found in seasonal colors and can be used anywhere for a different and unique appearance.

Oriental-Inspired Clothing 

Oriental fashion can be used in warmer months as well. Asian influence has become extremely popular amongst various designers such as Prada and Etro and can be seen on the runway. You can use oriental-print silks and even kimonos, regardless of the season as they are sticking around for now.

Leather Skirts  

There is a misconception that leather is only restricted to winter. That’s not true at all. Leather works in all seasons and in a variety of occasion; all people need is a proper fashion sense. Leather skirts that people usually reserve for the winter can also be used in spring and summer. They are available in lighter weight leather and there are even light colors that can be found. Even black pleated leather will not look out of place, especially if it’s worn at night.

Playful Retro Pieces

Even the playful retro pieces that people indulge in are an everlasting clothing option. This can include the 1950’s style pencil skirts, costume jewelry and even vintage hats. They can include anything that is similar to the bright and bold look of the fashion of 1960s. You can be the retro bombshell babe and show off your body with cinching waists dresses or micro-mini mod dresses.


Metallic hues never go out of fashion, regardless of season. They include silk, gold, lurex, bronze, leather and silver and they are highly popular on the runway. Metallics are on the shops no matter which season is prevailing as they are perfect for an elegant and stylish look. Throwing away metallics is not a good idea as they can prove to be extremely helpful in the long run.