Sony’s Subscriptions and Microsoft’s Avatars

Video rental stores have offered people the opportunity to spend a few bucks and play a new game for a week or two. Therefore, the PlayStation Now service of Sony has always come off as a bit expensive to people. In fact, it was considered outrageous because the cost of a 90-day rental was about $50 while $5 had to be paid for renting a game for four hours. The only sweet spot seemed to be for weekly rentals and even those were a bit too much for most. Now, it seems that Sony plans to dangle a larger carrot to entice gamers to use its PlayStation Now service.

It was just announced by the company that a subscription service is being released for PlayStation Now, which will enable gamers to pay a flat monthly rate, which means they will be free to do all the gaming they can in a 30-day period. There will be two packages available; the first is the monthly package whereas the other one is for a duration of three months and gamers can choose whichever one they want. The service will be launched for January 13th, according to Peter Jamshidi, the director of marketing for PlayStation Now. Users will be able to enjoy unlimited and instant access to about 100 PlayStation 3 games.

Furthermore, they will be able to enjoy a wide variety of games without having to deal with the hassle of patches, installs and downloads. First, the subscription service will be launched in North American for the PlayStation 4 and will be available at a later date for other devices. $20 will be charged for the one month plan whereas a discount will be offered for a three month plan, which will cost $45. A seven-day trial will be given for the service to those users who aren’t sure of it.

As far as Microsoft news is concerned, a pair of recent job ads show that that software giant has a lot of plans for its avatars on Xbox One and other devices as well. About six years ago, the company first introduced the avatars on the Xbox 360, but now it plans to update them for a new generation because of the power of Xbox One. The company wishes to use the power offered by the new generation console and upgrade the avatars on all of its platforms if the job postings are any indication.

The firm also referred to a unified operating system in the posting, which could actually be Windows 10. If the avatars are indeed linked with the new operating system, people may get to hear more about them at a Windows 10 event scheduled for later this month where Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, will give a speech. The purpose of the avatars in 2008 was to allow users to create their own virtual self with a variety of clothing, hairstyles and accessories. In fact, some extra avatar content is also sold by Microsoft on the avatar store such as material from brands.