Sony Continues to Enhance the PS4

It had come to light that a patent had been filed by Sony Corporation for what seemed to be the next generation PlayStation Move device and the news were still fresh until it was discovered that the company has filed yet another patent. This time the patent has been filed for what appears to be a head-mounted display having bio-sensors. This seems to be in line with the reports that had come in a couple of weeks back regarding the plans of the company on creating its own head-mounted display for matching up against Oculus Rift’s technology that would work for PCs. The patent has been spotted by GamingBolt and some additional information was detailed that seems to be quite interesting, as long as it’s implemented by Sony for the PS4.

It is stated with the patent that the future head-mounted display of Sony Corp would come with GPS and sensors that would be able to determine the position of the players. In addition, the bio information would be highly useful in measuring blood pressure, temperature and brainwaves of the player and a camera will also be included for capturing images of the user’s blinking motion and line of sight. This plan seems to be very detailed and could come in handy for enhancing the next- generation and making it even more dimensional as compared to what it is today.

However, Sony has yet to put any of these patents into actual and concrete plans. On another front, it seems that the launch of the PlayStation 4 is going good for the company, with only minor hitches and glitches. Its availability is still scarce, which is proving to be frustrating for people, but is helped by the news that the console will be appearing in a number of stores. Apart from Walmart, which is reported of getting its largest shipment of the console up till now, the word is that another store might be getting some consoles as well.

Over the weekend, there will be some PlayStation 4s at GameStop. They are holding a sale on Sunday and it is being said that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be in stock that day. These heads-ups and announcements are appreciated by people as it enables them to plan on how to get their console and from where. It was also promised by Sony UK that new stock of the console would be made available to people before the holiday so that’s something to look forward to this Christmas.

In addition, there are also rumors going around that three new games would be coming on the console. Papers, Please, which will be launched on the PS Vita and PS4 platform is one of these games. Katamari Damacy is another interesting title that is rumored to be heading to the new console. Official statements haven’t been released as yet, but there have been plenty of hints on Twitter. Moreover, the Elder Scrolls Online has been dated for the Xbox One and PS4, but there is still time in that.