Some Outstanding Tips for Shedding Off Unwanted Pounds

It is completely normal for people to gain a few pounds every now and then. The problem is not in gaining them; the problem is in shedding them. Losing weight, even if it is the last couple of extra pounds you have on your body, can be a major challenge. You could try out the magic pills and supplements being sold, which claim to help you in this task, but they are only a waste of money. You could also try out a fad diet, but this is not going to be very effective for long. Also, it is difficult to stick to them. So, what should you do?

Fortunately, these quick tips can help you in shedding off your unwanted pounds:

  • Drink water only

Every dieter’s best friend is water. It doesn’t have any calories and it makes you feel full, which is exactly what you want to prevent snacking. It is recommended that you drink a glass of water before eating to ensure you eat less. This reduces your daily calorie intake. Water can also flush out dangerous toxins from the body, including sodium, which can stand in the way of weight loss. Avoid drinking sugary, sweet or caffeinated drinks as they contain empty calories and no nutrients.

  • Get rid of simple carbs

Also called refined carbohydrates, simple carbs are absorbed quickly and not very nutritious. They are found in cookies, cakes, candies and other baked items, packaged cereals, white rice, white bread and pasta and even in honey and molasses. You need to cut them out.

  • Go for complex carbs

You don’t have to go off carbs completely; just replace the simple with the complex. These are full of fiber and a horde of other nutrients that your body needs. They are slowly digested and released in the body, which means you will feel full for long. Beans and legumes like carrots, lentils and sweet potatoes have lots of fiber as do veggies and fruits and whole grain items.

  • Eat lean protein

Who says you cannot eat beef when you are trying to shed off the unwanted pounds? Of course you can. The trick is to eat beef, which is only 2% fat and 98% lean. Eat the chicken breast without its skin or eat fish like salmon. You can also eat soy products such as tofu for getting your share of lean protein.

  • Avoid fast foods at all costs

Fast foods are simply rides carrying a lot of sugar and salt and this is something you need to avoid when you want to shed the unwanted pounds. They don’t have any nutrients and consider a lot of calories that are not going to help your goals.

A lot of people may feel that these tips don’t leave them with much options of what to eat. However, you can try out Nutrisystem, which can provide you with meal plans designed specifically for you. You can eat them for getting the right balance of minerals and nutrients that can help you in shedding off the unwanted pounds. Coupons for Nutrisystem are easily available at Lomtez.