Social Media Career Success Story

If you love metrics, strategizing, messaging and translating news then a career in social media is a great opportunity. For success in social media it is important to be trained and also keep yourself updated with the latest happenings. With experience and successful campaigns people get to move ahead in their career path.

A few years ago, telling people that you are ‘social media manager’ would have left them doubting your capabilities. Most people would assume it to be a waste of time idling off on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But in last two or three years, careers in social media have been recognized as companies have realized the importance of reaching out to customers on platforms where they spend most of their time. This is the reason that a noteworthy 1357% increase has been witnessed in social media job positions since 2010.

The Soft Skills That Matter

If you are agreeable, extroverted, emotionally stable and open to learning new things then you are almost ready to take social media as your career choice. But for a successful career, social media training is critical. It is very important to look for a reliable and trusted social media training institute. Before enrolling yourself consider the training timing, course module and experience of the trainers. Also, make sure that professionals have industry experience and worked on known campaigns to ensure their credibility.

Successful completion of SMO training and honing the skills time to time will help you bag one of the following social media job profiles. But remember, it is the hands-on experience that will help you climb the job profiles in social media career path:

1.       Community Manager: It is the responsibility of community manager to build both internal and external reputation of a company and extend its reach online. This includes creating a Facebook page, Twitter chat for the industry, organizing offline networking events and participating in forums. Community managers are good at emulating and projecting the voice of company. They must know how to handle negative comments and have insight of reputation management.

2.       Social Media Coordinator: They need to work tirelessly throughout the day to ensure social media campaigns run successfully. Their job responsibilities include daily community maintenance, listening, engagement, monitoring, conversation and issue response. They need to design and implement social media strategies, tools, products, moderate user-generated replies, respond to comments and drive engagement to brands.

3.       Social Strategist: It is the responsibility of the social strategist to create social campaigns to meet certain organizational goals. Also they track the success on social messaging and social media for audiences. They need to be equipped to handle different tones for different brands keeping the target audience in mind. They are also supposed to manage online reputation, social media profile, promoting content on bookmarking and social news sites and optimizing social media linking strategies.

Social Networking Analysts: It is their responsibility to build quality social media output with a team, coordinate activities on different social media platforms, function as creative leaders, ensure video output is functioning properly and develop Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest as effective content generation, marketing and promotional tools.

On the surface the job in social media might look tempting and relaxing. But to achieve desired results you need to be on the job 24×7. Also it is very important to innovate and inspire others in the industry to achieve common goals.