Symptoms of Multi Sclerosis in women are of various types, they occur occasionally between teenage, and age of 50. MS on all cases attacks nervous system causing severe damage to communication, blindness and paralysis in limbs. MS cannot be fatal but late cure can do something unusual.

Eye Problem

The first of all symptoms of Multi Sclerosis in women we are going to discuss is eye problem. This problem creates double vision or blurredness in eyes resulting in miss judgment in driving or in any other activity. Another problem in this symptom can be tracking with both eyeballs. This results in wrong sensation of inanimate objects or environment.

Fatigue in Body

Another symptoms of Multi Sclerosis in women is problem in eye ball. MS destroys vision up to blurredness and double vision. Sometime a sufferer may feel intense pain in his/her eyes. Sufferer may lack tracking ability due to this problem.

Some women also suffer with fatigue in body. In this case they feel weakness in their some parts of their body. It is better to contact your local doctor even if the pain has just begun because as the day progresses their pain may turn into high fever.

Problem in Bladder and Bowl

Symptoms of Multi Sclerosis in women also include leakage in bladder resulting in frequent visit to all washrooms in a house. Patients are advised to go wash room even if they aren’t willing too. This suggestion is given under serious constipation due to bladder leakage.

Other Symptoms 

Other symptoms of Multi Sclerosis in women include pain in different condition. These pains last for weeks but some of them may go long, most probably for more than a year or for whole life. In some symptoms of Multi Sclerosis in women pain may get worse with age. Sexual dysfunction is also one of worse symptoms of Multi Sclerosis in women. It is found in 70% of patients who have this disease. Early cure can easily save future pregnancies, while getting late would generate marriage problems.

MS is a big disease; heavy antibiotics are required to diminish it from our system. Although its not one of symptoms of Multi Sclerosis but problem in swallowing does occur due to heavy doses. Patients are asked to have frequent check up for this kind of symptom.

Other symptoms of Multi Sclerosis also include hearing problems. In this symptom women might have blocked hearing, due to swelling in ears. Hearing problem is not a big issue but patients are advised to consult doctor on this issue.

Concentration Problems

Concentration is one of major symptoms of Multi Sclerosis. In this problem women are not able to focus on their work, they decision making is weak which results in accidents and mishaps at home or outside while driving. For women who know they have MS, should avoid anything that requires tough decision making or critical thinking.


In order to understand symptoms of Multi Sclerosis, you should buy a book or visit a website that has full details and possible cures for these symptoms. All symptoms of Multi Sclerosis are curable, its just a matter of time, when one realises the actual problem.