Shining Stars of the Year 2013 – 86th Academy Awards Nominees

The year 2013 ended with full of its heaps and boundaries; the world of Hollywood had brought many celebrities in the view who outdrew their caliber through their blockbuster films and stood in the list of top winners of the worldwide box- office of the year. These were the celebrities who depicted powerful characters in some of the successful and amazing thriller and drama films, and delivered something which was sufficient to bring international returns and 86th Academy Awards Nominees in their respective fields.

Christian Bale in His Character of Irving Rosenfeld

Among these shining stars, Christian Bale was one who fantastically drew the attention of the audiences as well as got a prestigious place in the nominations of 86th Oscar Awards for his performance in ‘American Hustle’. The actor transformed himself and gained 40 pounds for fitting into the character of a con artist. Besides him, the British actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor received a positive response for his dazzling performance in ‘12 Years a Slave’.  Then comes Bruce Dern whose act in comedy-drama adventure, ‘Nebraska’ truly leaded the way to where he gets a special mention of being one of the best actors of the year in 2013. He sets up himself with his intense and classy performance in the main lead. Moreover, his finer acting allows the audiences to believe and reply for what he delivered through the project.

Leonardo as Jordan Belfort

The year of 2013 also witnessed Leonardo DiCaprio back in action.  Apart from of what message his latest release ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ conveyed to the audience, this handsome hunk splendidly embodied the darker face of human character through his roll in the film and continued being in form. Above and beyond, Matthew McConaughey is the one whose exceptional depiction as Ron Woodroof in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ will remain unforgettable for the years coming ahead.

The light of Hollywood celebrities didn’t bless the screens with its male actors only but there was some females too who shined this glory with their sizzling beauty and natural acting aptitudes. Amy Adama who got more fame with her persona as one of the con artists of ‘American Hustle’, remarkably revealed the soft and hard elements of the character that took her to be in the 86th Oscar Awards nominations.

Cate Blanchett as Jeanette "Jasmine" Francis

Cate Blanchet in ‘Blue Jasmine’ and Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity’ presented the most excellent exposure of their calibers and grasped honorable nominations for best actress category in Oscar for 2013. They both were simply magnificent for their roles in the blockbusters of the year.

Sandra Bullock Playing Dr. Ryan Stone

Besides, Cate Blanchet and Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench and Meryl Streep are the two actresses who have been nominated for the same category for their performances in ‘Philomena’ and ‘August: Osage County’  respectively . Their talent appeared touching the peak while depicting different modes of their characters. Therefore there shouldn’t be any uncertainties to give a special mention for their excellent abilities that prove them as some of the finest actresses of the year in 2013.