Setting the Hygiene Standard for Adolescents

Adolescence is a crucial period for every boy and girl. This is a time when all kinds of changes occur to your body. Personal hygiene is a serious practice throughout one’s whole life but it is especially important during and after puberty.

Hormones in action – this can describe the situation best. Your teen is probably under a lot of pressure and one way you can help them is to set good hygiene habits for them. It will not only preserve your kid’s health, but it will also improve their self-esteem. So what can they do to feel better? Check the article below.


Puberty brings a lot of problems to teens like oily hair and skin, which are usually caused by hormones. Acne is another grave problem that tortures adolescents. To avoid pimples and rashes you should keep the skin of your face clean. You can start by washing your face every day using a mild soap and warm water. Choose a product that is specially formulated for acne and problematic skin.


Another problematic area of your body is your hair. Since it is visible, you can barely neglect taking care of it. Be sure to wash your hair every other day to get rid of oil. Use a shampoo designed for oily hair. Don’t scrub too hard as you can damage your hair or irritate the scalp. Follow the procedure with a conditioner and rinse well. A little caution needed here: when you are using the conditioner, make sure you apply it to the ends of the hair.

Body Odour

Perspiration is an issue for everybody once they become teenagers. During puberty sweat glands become more active and give off chemicals that have a strong odour. The best way to control bad odours is to shower every single day. This way all bad smells will be gone together with the bacteria and germs which contribute to bad odours. Use mild soap that will help remove dirt from your body. The market is abundant in cosmetic products for every type of skin. Choose the most appropriate for your skin type. Changing underwear more often is also a good idea. If you need additional care you should hire a professional cleaning services.

To avoid bad odour in your underarms, you should use a deodorant. Here you can choose among a great variety of products too. They have different aromas, properties and levels of protection against wetness and odour. They are found in a number of forms like gels, roll-ons, sticks, creams and sprays. You can buy one at any supermarket or drugstore.

Oral Hygiene

Many teens underestimate oral hygiene, which may lead to problems later in life like gingivitis and tooth decay. Not to mention the bad smell that comes with neglecting your teeth. Teenagers often skip this step from their daily routine but brushing your teeth at least twice a day is a must, especially if you tend to drink carbonated drinks and eat sugary food. Unfortunately bad breath is a problem of grown-ups too, so if you care about your hygiene you should definitely pay attention to your teeth. Poor oral hygiene can be very repulsive to others. What you can do to avoid bad smell is to wash your teeth every day using fluoride toothpaste.

Body Hair

Body hair is another inevitable problem for teens. Whether it really is a problem, it’s up to you actually. There are people who don’t mind hair growing in new places. But if you want to get rid of it, there are a number of options. The easiest and fastest is to shave. However, this is also very short-lived. While shaving you should be careful not to cut yourself; also beware of angles and curves. Move slowly.

If you are a girl and want long-term effects you may want to try waxing, which is a very long-lasting method. However it is also very painful in the beginning.