After knowing about Las Vegas and that it’s in Nevada, you might think that the entire state is known for such activities and life, but that’s not true. There are some great peaceful places in Nevada and some of the darkest and cleanest nights can be viewed from this state. One of the places to enjoy the natural beauty, solitude and landscapes is Great Basin National Park. It is roughly 290 miles away from Las Vegas in the north side and it comprises a huge area of more than 77000 acres. There are some high peaks, some sights of desert and some beautiful naturally carved caves to see in this park but you must choose the right time of the year to enjoy all of that.

The Highlight of Great Basin National Park

The first thing you get to hear about Great Basin National Park is Lehman Caves. These are the caverns where you can take a 60 minutes or 90 minutes tour depending on your choice. These caves have been carved out by nature and the wind and water have made it such an attraction that it’s a no-miss when you go to the park. Now when you are done with the stunning views of the Lehman caves, it’s time to get out of the stony walls and enjoy the vastness of the fields and the park by going on the Wheeler Peak. Wheeler Peak is just a little more than 13000 feet high and when you are there the views are spectacular.

It is highly advised that you visit the Wheeler Peak in the summer time because it is very much possible that you will not have access to it in the winters due to snowfall. Now, to enjoy the quietness and serenity of the park, it’s best that you do a little hiking on the bristlecone trails. These trails are nearly 3 miles long so you better be prepared to walk when you have started the journey. Once you are done with these spectacular scenes you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Alpine Lakes Loop. Just a little away from this place you will also find the Stella Lake. Both are some of the most beautiful lakes you might have ever seen before.

A Few Great Activities in the Park

Of course, hiking is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the park and to experience the nature at its best. After completing a day of tiring hiking and trekking, you ought to go for the evening campfire program. This program is also located at a great place – Lehman Creek Campground. If you want to have some great time with your family and enjoy the beautiful scenes of the park, it’s best that you go for a personal picnic at Pole Canyon Trailhead Picnic Area. However, it is best that you bring water with you in big bottles or containers because water is not available in this area. One of the best things to do here, and something that you will never forget, is stargazing. This area sees some of the darkest nights you would have ever experienced and you will be able to see the stars you have never seen before while spending a night here. Lastly, don’t forget to get to the Lexington Arch.

Some Important Information for Visitors

It is best that you take good rest before you start driving for this area because it is in solitude and you will definitely have to drive a long way to reach here. Most of the areas within the park have signal problems so you might not be able to use your cell phones. It’s also best that you come with a tank full because you will have a hard time in finding a place to get gas refilled if you run out of it. Some roads and trails taking you to the Wheeler Peak might be closed in the winter days so it is best that you call them in advance before visiting the peak area in winters.

Some Additional Activities to Do at the Park

There are a lot of other things than just hiking and trekking in the park. You can get amused with bird watching for hours or go for bicycling. Horseback riding is a great way for children to get entertained along with fishing that could be done in many areas such as Baker Creek, Lehman Creek, Baker Lake and a few other areas. Children can get engaged in pine nut gathering as well and there are a lot of them to gather and keep them busy for hours. Moreover, if you are visiting in winters you can do skiing and snowshoeing as well. If you want to do skiing, you will have to bring your own equipment. If you are adventurous, try some climbing on your tour too.