Secrets to Look Gorgeous without Applying Make up

Dream of every woman is to make everyone stare at her naturally clear, healthy and luminous skin. You can survive every ceremony without a glitch if you take care of your skin protecting yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays. Don’t think that you feel confident only with makeup. It’s just a tool which can be used to highlight your features. Natural beauty is real beauty and here is some guidance to make you look gorgeous without makeup, hence stand up tall with your chin and shoulder up conveying that you are confident enough without makeup.

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One way to look good is by proper skin care. A good facial wash can help you and find the best results if you use it twice a day. Be cautious, over-washing can make your skin, irritable and dry and make you look worse.  Stick on to a skin regimen, follow it and repeat it twice a day. Applying some tomato which is raw, milk, honey and lemon is extremely good for the skin. You can even get rid of sun tans or sun burns by the application of raw curd on the skin

Natural ways to get healthy skin:

One of the simplest ways to brighten your face is by smiling. This allows the inner beauty to shine through leaving an impression of confidence and happiness.  Whatever be your outfit, a smile will make you look gorgeous and make you to look your best. Smile can bring about a positive effect and build up a feeling in others that you are an optimistic personal. A sad face can bring you to a nervous condition resulting in more wrinkles on your face.

A poor diet can affect the skin; hence don’t forget to drink plenty of water.  Drinking plenty of water make your skin looks healthier by flushing out all the toxins preventing from feeling bloated.  Drinking least of 5-8 glasses of water a day makes you look gorgeous. You can also try kinds of juices like orange, tomato, carrot with its pulp.  These juices are vitamin enriched, giving a good texture and leaves firmness of the skin.  Avoid coffee as the overdose can bring about some negative effects on you like fast heartbeat, anxiety and restless sleeps.

Healthy lifestyle for beautiful skin: 

A chance for the skin to restore and repair by itself is by sleep.  An 8 hour sleep can prevent the dark circles underneath the eye and leaves you looking fresh.  As soon as you wake up, spend some time for teeth care as it deserves attention.  Focus on each tooth and brush at least twice a day in gentle circular motions.  Don’t forget to floss daily which removes the food particles, plaque from between the teeth and the built-up bacteria preventing the formation of cavities. At the same time have the habit of using mouthwash which can prevent bad breath.

Prepare a diet chart by including vegetables and fruits and cut out as many fatty, greasy and sugary foods.  At the same time don’t forget to avoid lean meats and whole grains. As much as you want to avoid fatty foods, you do need fibres as well to get rid of the bad cholesterol content, so for that you got to find that right balance.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer daily, try out some unscented and gentle one if you have a sensitive skin.  A non-oily, light one will be suitable if your skin is prone to pimples.  Heavier moisturizer may leave your skin with a soothing effect if you have a dry skin.  The day and night creams can impart a lovely, stunning look with its rich moisture content.   After washing your face in the morning, you can apply the day cream.  This will prevent the water evaporating from your skin.  The usage of natural creams that are purely organic will also prevent the ageing of the skin.  Before applying the creams don’t forget to check with your beautician whether your skin is allergic to this kind of creams.

Exfoliation helps your skin look radiant and fresh if it is done once a week, resulting in the removal of dead skin cells.  Some of skin, wash has special exfoliating particles which can be used quite often.  A clean cloth soaked in warm water will also remove your dead cells.  While exfoliation scrub your face gently or else it will result in drying of the skin.    It will make you look like a rosy and cheeky girl.

Stop rubbing your forehead, picking at spots, resting your chin on hand, which are all habits of most of the people that can affect the quality of the skin seriously.  Aware of this fact that rubbing the face can cause premature wrinkles and it can even loosen the skin.  Bring about a natural appearance to your skin without unnecessarily touching the face.

One of the reasons everyone hate to go barefaced is pimples.  Skincare regimen can prevent the blocking of pores as well as the removal of excess bacteria from the skin surface.   Sometimes wonders can work out with neatly trimmed eyebrows which will edge your eyes beautifully.  Don’t forget your sunscreen as your skin will get damaged when it is exposed to UV rays.  The UV rays can leave patches and even darken the areas on your skin.  It also can leave the reminders of the pimples on your skin and even darken your acne scars.  Always go for a sunscreen that is having at least an SPF of 30 which will be useful even on cloudy days.

Above all, a feeling of how confident you are relying on how well you have been dressed up?  Sometimes a killer outfit can make a girl feel as if she will be taken on the world.  Engage yourself, in finding out the best outfits.  Wear outfits which you feel comfortable the most and avoid fitting in to latest trends.  Keep in mind that only when you feel best, you will look the best! Think of your skin very well, whether it is oily, dry or a combination, follow these simple guidelines which will helps in avoiding the make-ups putting you in a proper skin care routine.

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