Secrets to Creating an Amazing Synergy between Instagram and Web Design

We have seen the terrific potential of social media in generating and boosting online viewer engagement. No wonder marketers are today banking on Instagram and other such social media platforms to widen their horizon and broaden their reach. Over the years Instagram has witnessed incredible growth ratio. Today 1 billion people are using Instagram and 80 percent of them are outside the United States as per

Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users and the like button is actually hit on an average 4.2 billion times every day as per As a result, today most of the web designers are concentrating on building a synergy between website design and Instagram for gaining huge benefits. Here are some secret tips to creating a wonderful synergy between website design and Instagram.

Opt for an Interactive Web Design Template

Instagram’s amazing feature is its ability to connect and communicate with people apart from showcasing stunning content. We know that this wonderful interactive feature of Instagram could be sharpened further by implementing effective automation tools that work basically as a replacement for a user when he is away from the site. Moreover, online visitors who are coming from Instagram would expect the same comfort and intuitiveness when they are actually browsing your web portal.

Users and potential customers are hugely attracted to your product only when they find a wonderful synergy between the web navigation and Instagram. A good user experience would be converting a casual online visitor to a follower or loyal customer. In this context, you must know that you could now boost your Instagram followers by contacting a reliable digital marketing company.

The Advantages of Being Minimalistic

Minimalism is the hallmark of success. Expert web designers are recommending that websites must have adequate space that would help in adding to the overall visual appeal. When users see the visual content on Instagram, they are not just fascinated by the image, but they observe the overall and relevant content in your entire description. Users are looking for the same soothing feel while browsing your web portal. Elimination of the undesirable pictures and unwanted content placement could help in making your website minimalistic. Websites that have excessive images and texts would be creating clutter and are at a risk of breaking the synergy between the site and Instagram.

Focus on Functionality

You must consider modifying the web design for boosting functionality if you are intending to provide your online visitors a similar experience when they visit Instagram. Functionality could be boosted by simply opting for clean backdrops, and easily identifiable icons similar to Instagram.


According to a survey by Adobe, nearly 38 percent of online visitors stop interacting with a website if they find the site unattractive and not quite interactive or intuitive as per their expectations. Around the same percentage would not follow a website if the pictures take a lot of time to load. Hence, it is mandatory for brands to consider integrating seamlessly aesthetics with functionality while chalking out a web design stratagem. If you are looking for an exceptionally high brand recall, you must create a wonderful synergy between your Instagram account and your website design.