You must have heard it many times: Content is king and the quality is queen. Sometimes, you may be wondering: “All my quality content has no advantage if my articles are not seen by search engines. Give me something more tangible to use”. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is often such “tangibility” element that a lot of article writers look for. Need proof? Look at the competition, e.g., the “SEO” keyword has more than 11,000,000 worldwide monthly searches alone.

The amazing fact is that a lot of writers already have the needed stuff. With the help of some simple keyword tools and firm grip on your niche, success can be achieved without bells and whistles. Let’s discuss how:

Five SEO Elements Often Overlooked

Quality – Quality content which offers a nice user experience is always rewarded. From correct grammar to even presentation and navigation– a good user experience is impressive and makes users want to return for more, which results in a better return rate, a higher rank, and more traffic.

Uniqueness – Not just for reliability sake, uniqueness is rewarded. Search engines, article directories, readers, etc., are never satisfied with derivative, redundant content, as they want new stuff, a different perspective, or fresh ideas. It is a must for your content to have an original impression on the niche you represent.

Relevance – Besides maintaining a good user experience, a key element of natural link building is relevance. For instance: If you post an article to along with links in the Resource Box back to certain areas on your Blog or website that are in relevance to your article’s content, then you have created a natural link, which will not only be noticed by visitors, search engines will notice too.

Target Audience – Finding your target audience is not just about people and demographics, although this information is absurd when you are refining subjects to write about and also providing more interesting content. While considering your audience, find the keywords the targeted audience is making use of, in order to find what they need and want.

Evergreen – It is just smart to write content that stays valid for long. Content like “2012 Olympic Games” might as well be with a countdown clock, which starts running down as soon as article is published.

How to Make These Five SEO Elements Work

Quality, uniqueness, relevance, target audience, and evergreen will not make you succeed if you write articles articles in the widest part of your niche. Soon, will become overawed and you will not be able to contend with the already recognized authorities of niche.

In order to successfully work with these 5 elements and to give your website prominence in search engines, you first have to establish your rank and credibility before you can go ahead and take on the broader areas of the niche you have chosen. So, establish your credibility first of all.

How to Start Small

First of all, find areas of your niche which have minimum competition, but still are in demand. You can lengthen the keyword to emphasize on the topic, for instance, instead of “SEO”,  you can do SEO and Article Writing, SEO and Social Media Marketing, SEO and Blog Writing, etc.

Then, create an article portfolio and a high-quality website which reflect the five important SEO elements discussed above. By this you will be seen by readers, chosen by publishers, be recognized in search engines, and be more open to blog or website visitors.