Samsung Surrenders ChatOn Services

The struggle of Samsung Electronics continues; it is finding it difficult to attract consumers to its services and applications due to which it is being forced to increase its efforts of creating better-looking and advanced devices and collaborate with other companies. Apps and services are usually developed by smartphone manufacturers for the purpose of attracting new clientele and convincing the old customers to stay loyal to the company. However, this has proven to be immensely difficult, with the exception of the iPhone maker, even with a company such as Samsung that has countless resources at its disposal. The South Korean giant made an announcement last week that it was pulling the plug on its messaging app that’s known as ChatOn.

It is also planned by the company to shut down its WatchOn TV guide application in all countries on December 31st, with the exception of South Korea and the US. Earlier this year, the leading smartphone maker also had to throw in the towel on its Hub line of services including Media, Books, Video and Music because it had been unable to compete with the offerings of companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Spotify. Some analysts were of the opinion that Samsung should be appreciated for attempting to offer its own suite of services, but its offerings weren’t in line with the demands of the customer.

Samsung isn’t the only company that has had to deal with the failure of its in-house apps and services, but that isn’t comforting for the beleaguered executives of the company. Last year, BlackBerry had to shut down its music services whereas its Watch video service was also closed down by HTC this year. Nonetheless, the failures don’t mean that the South Korean giant is going to wave goodbye to its development efforts. Last month, the firm launched Milk Video in the US, which is another stab in the video market.

In order to introduce this video service, the company struck a partnership with Vevo and Vice, Funny or Die. The company also hopes to gain some traction in the mobile commerce and health markets. It is rumored that the company wishes to compete with Apple Pay so it is in talks with LoopPay because it wishes to license their mobile wallet technology. It could be a better option for the company to collaborate with a firm that has an existing platform rather than creating and developing its own version from scratch.

Due to the closure of its applications, the South Korean company has had to rely on collaboration with other firms such as Slacker and Amazon for music and books. But, the plain simple fact is that it isn’t the failure of its services and applications that have caused a drop in the sales of smartphones of the company. Consumers didn’t exactly like the all-plastic design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it ended up putting a damper on the most important product of the company. Even though the company has started making changes as seen in the Note 4, it remains to be seen if they are enough.