Rules To Follow When Wearing Dresses

When people think about style, it is because they want to achieve a certain image. However, fashion is also about

feeling the same way you look; if you look good, you should feel good. People find it easier to have such confidence when they understand the rules that should be followed when donning certain pieces in their wardrobe. Knowing the rules helps one in following them for staying self-assured and also in breaking them when they want to be a bit daring. The different lengths of the dresses are the primary focus of the basic percepts. Any woman can wear dresses without any problems when she has some basic information about midis, minis and maxis. Read on to find out:
The Mini-dress
The key to pulling off a mini-dress is to avoid over-exposure. If women don’t follow the golden rule about the mini-dress, it is easy for them to cross the fine line between lewd and sexy. The rule dictates that the dress can either be tight or short, but never both. When your hemline is high, be sure to leave a little extra room in the top portion of the dress and the skirt and thoroughly cover the top. The top of the body doesn’t have to be covered completely, but keep in mind that flaunting your legs is the whole point of the mini-dress. Open backs, plunging necklines and other elements can draw attention away from the feature that should be highlighted by a mini-dress.
The Midi-dress
The true definition of a midi-dress dictates that they end at the middle of the calf. However, different designers use different lengths for creating midi-dresses. Also, one woman’s midi-dress may be above the knees of a taller woman and comes off as a maxi for a petite one. It is always best to try out a dress before purchasing it to check its length. Typically, midis rock on tall women. For petite women, a hemline that ends just below the knees is ideal. Regardless of height, heels should be worn with midi-dresses rather than flats.
The Maxi-dress
Keep in mind that long dresses shouldn’t consume you; they should always flatter you. You want to avoid a frumpy look when you decide to wear a maxi dress. Maxis can be formal or Bohemian chic, depending upon the accessories and style. However, a wrong combination can make people seem as if they are wrapped in a bed sheet. Petite women should opt for form-fitting maxis rather than baggy ones because the latter tend to envelop them completely. You can add length with a V-neck. Plus-sized figures can also go for V-necks along with shoulder straps. Tall and curvaceous women can pull off large prints while short height and lots of curves do great with medium-sized prints. Use beaded accessories for a casual look and crystal, pearl or gold jewelry for a formal look. Just make sure that the maxi-dress complements your figure in the right way.
Follow these rules for dresses and you can look chic and stylish everywhere you go.