The Walking Dead Season 5

Zombies are really bad news; we all know that, right? However, the beginning of season 5 of The Walking Dead indicates that the most dangerous of the species aren’t the undead, but are the living. The show picks up from where it ended season 4 in which Rick and other group members were trapped in a train car, in what was supposed to be a sanctuary offering respite and protection, called Terminus. As suspected, this isn’t a sanctuary, ironically the title of the episode as well, but rather a killing arena where prisoners are slaughtered and probably turned into food. The premiere was both brutal and grim, with some really dark moments.

Everyone, from Tyreese to Rick were forced to accept the fact that killing is necessary for survival. But, what moments really stood out in ‘No Sanctuary’? Well, here is a list:

1-     The most horrifying scene in the show’s history: Nazi death camps are echoed as assembly lines of bound and gagged individuals are formed. Victims are whacked on the back of their heads with a back and their throats are slit so their blood can be stored.

2-     How did the people of Terminus become like this: Mary’s conversation with Carol and some flashbacks showed that initially, the place had really been safe. However, evil humans turned up to murder and rape the members of the original Terminus group. The surviving members have learn their lesson, but this doesn’t mean that the cold-blooded leader of the group called Gareth is any less deplorable.

3-     Beth remains missing: Last we saw, Maggie’s sister Beth was being kidnapped. We know she is alive because she is shown in teasers of the new season, but the episode had no mention of her. As per the trailers, she is not with the group and isn’t very happy about it.

4-     The return of Carol: In the complete four seasons, no character has undergone a complete transformation like Carol. Carol has been transformed from a mother who lost her daughter and an abused wife into a woman who will not hesitate in killing anyone if she thinks it can help the survivors. In this episode, she walks amongst the undead by cloaking herself with dead walker goo, deals with the Terminus veteran Mary capably and blows a propane tank to help Rick and the others escape from Terminus.

5-     The reunion of Carol and Daryl: While no episode was darker than ‘No Sanctuary’, there was a light moment that took everyone by surprise; Carol being welcomed into Rick’s group. After she has saved everyone, Carol hesitantly appears in the woods, clearly unsure of her acceptance, when Daryl, upon seeing her, runs to her and embraces her in a very touching moment. Rick and Carol also shared a warm hug and then Carl and Rick held baby Judith together.

For now, fans can finally exhale as the premiere is through, but what will the second episode of Season 5 bring if this was the first? That’s the golden question.