One of the biggest names in Tennis Rafael Nadal, who has succeeded to have his name written in history, is not going to take part in Olympic Games 2012. This news though not big enough to cast a shade on the excitement of Olympic Games 2012 but is still sad enough for many tennis fans that they must have felt half of their Olympics excitement go away. People who are not much aware must know that Rafael Nadal was also the defending champion for Olympics. Having won his 7thRoland Garros title, people were expecting tougher competitions and more exciting matches in the ongoing Olympics but the defending champion had a different mindset. The reason for his withdrawal from such a huge event was the knee injury, which has been bugging him for quite some time in the matches he’s played this year.

All the big names of Tennis are taking part in Olympic Games 2012 including Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, David Ferrer, Davydenko, Simon, Del Potro, Almagro, Gasquet, Andy Murray and JW Tsonga. With such a big list of players, missing Rafael Nadal is like missing the most part of the excitement. Tennis fans cannot get enough of Roger Federer, Djokovic and Nadal. Be it any competition or any tournament, their fans get to see them competing in finals. However, Rafael Nadal’s exit from the Olympics this year will definitely make a lot of hearts sad. Another reason why Nadal fans will miss him in the Olympic Games is because he just lost to a 100th ranked player in the latest Wimbledon tournament. The fans wanted to see him rise back up and show his true form.

Djokovic, Federer and Andy Murray have made their way to the third round and Murray being British definitely has a huge support from the crowd behind his back. As for Nadal, him being one of the most challenging and hard working players of all times is not happy and showed his dismay by calling this moment the saddest one in his whole life. The player who has been making Spain proud for years and was supposed to bear the flag for Spain had to forget about the event and sit back home. Nadal’s absence from Olympic Games 2012 is surely a big space that needs filling but recalling the very recent final of Wimbledon between Federer and Murray, which was played on the same court where Olympics’ final will be played, there’s still enough action left in the competition for tennis fans to enjoy.