Premiere Recap of The 100 Season 2

After the long waiting period of 4 months, The 48 marks the beginning of the The 100 Season 2, which clarifies how many of the 100 delinquent teens made it through the first season. There were also questions of whether Bellamy and Finn burned when they were left out the drop ship. Others wanted to know the fate of the adults that came in the Ark stations as only Kane and Abby had landed while others had went up in fiery flames, but you can’t take anything for granted in this show. Season two starts exactly from where season one ended.

After taken by the Mountain Men, Clarke is at Mount Weather and Monty was in the opposite room at the end of last season, but now the room is being cleaned by a blue-dressed man. Clarke is looking for answers and she gets them by taking a hostage after throwing a fit. She is informed by President Dante Wallace that the Mountain Men cannot survive on Earth, but how did the 100 do so? The answer is exposure to solar radiation, which prepared them for radiation on Earth. The Mountain Men story is believed by Jasper so Clarke is also convinced.

However, President Wallace seems to be hiding something including the fact that other than the ones taken from the drop ship, there weren’t any survivors. But, it is soon clarified that Bellamy and Finn are alive. The problem is that Grounder has taken Finn so it’s up to Bellamy to rescue him leading to Kane playing the hero and saving the day. They go back to the drop ship where Raven and Murphy are present. Murphy also tries to save Finn and Bellamy tries to impose his rules on him, the original laws of the Ark are brought in by Kane.

Octavia and Lincoln are the other mysteries. Bellamy’s sister is dying slowly after being hit by an arrow. To save her, Lincoln has to go to his village to get the antidote. It’s dangerous as he is a traitor, but he takes the risk for love and teaches Octavia to be his kind. As English isn’t the only language on Earth, he also teaches her a new one. But, the episode draws to a close with another major cliffhanger as parents are left to wonder about the goings on in deciding to get everyone on Earth.

After learning that he is running out of air and unable to communicate with anyone on Earth, Chancellor Jaha has decided to shut everything down because all he wants is to die a worthy and heroic death. Before he can do so, he hears a sound. A crying baby for crying out loud! Who would leave a baby behind? Is it real or is it just his way of fighting for his life? The episode has raised more questions rather than giving answers, but good news for fans is that their favorite characters aren’t going to die just as yet, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to survive either.