Your Mumbai Trip will be a memorable visit to India, if you are well prepared to see the attractions of the city. Preparations include, having complete details of the most attractive places of this magnetic city. You must be well aware of the routes and roadways to your destinations. You must have sorted out the list of the prominent places which you prefer to visit during your stay in Mumbai. Get ready to taste the amazing flavors of local foods and enjoy shopping from the Bazars of Old and New Mumbai. Check your list of the attractive places; you should have included Mani Bhawan, Hanging Gardens, Gateway of India, Aarey Milk Colony, Chowpatty and Jain Mandir (Temple) in your preferred list. Let’s dig out some details of four top worth seeing places of Mumbai.

Gateway of India:

This splendid landmark had been the sign of honor which was built to memorialize King George V and Queen Mary for their visit to India. They entered the city as they were on a Voyage to Mumbai. Gateway of India was designed by Mr. George Wittet who tried to blend the local, national and Muslim architecture. It was completed in 1924. Surely, you will feel your visit incomplete without visiting Gateway of India.

Hanging Gardens:

It is a terraced garden which offers the striking view of the amazing city. The glorious garden is located at a hill station which is called Malabar. This hill station is a great recreational spot for those who are looking for some peace and calm. This is a very nice place to relax at the weekends and holidays. This garden is also known as Feroz e Shah Mehta Garden. It is enveloped in extensive greenery which enhances the real beauty of garden.

Marine Drive:

This is the most lively and vivacious place along the seashore of Arabian Sea. This is a great place for you, if you want to get out of the noisy and busy life of Mumbai. Marine Drive is stretched over an area of 3 kilometers which is naturally shaped as “C” (English Alphabet).

Mani Bhawan:

It had been the residence of Mahatma Gandhi (1917 – 1934). Nowadays you will find a museum here with the name of “Gandhi Museum”. This is an old fashioned building with three story house which had been constructed in Gujarati Style. Here you will find a library with around 20 thousand books. Also photo exhibition is the fascinating part of this building which describes glorious as well as superb life of Mahatma Gandhi. Don’t miss to see the Charkha which he used to spin.

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