Perfect Dresses for Different Types of Boots

Most women prefer pairing heals with the variety of dresses in order to complete the look. However, this is rather common and sometimes you may want to stand out by doing something unique. In this case, you can choose to wear boots with dresses. The problem is that there are a plethora of boots available these days and not all work with all dresses. You have to pair your dress with the right kind of boots in order to look sophisticated and classy.

Dresses for Ankle Boot Heels

You can opt for heeled ankle boots and give your heels a break for a short while. You can give your dresses some extra oomph by opting for the fashion-forward swap that ankle boots can offer. As these boots can be easily used to replace other style of shoes, you can pair them with a number of dresses according to your fancy. You cannot just nail the look, but this will also help in adding a fun element to your style.

Here are some dresses for which ankle boot heels work wonders:

  • Cocktail Dresses

Ankle Boot Heels with Cocktail Dress

Pair your cocktail dresses with ankle boots for giving them some edge. This look can be immensely fashionable when you opt for it on a night out. Furthermore, in case of chilly weather, ankle boots are an excellent way for you to keep your feet stylishly warm. Depending on the weather, you can wear this look with or without tights. The ensemble can be completed with a structured blazer if you feel a little chilly as it offers cool contrast. You can also wear a leather motorcycle jacket for adding on the edgy look.

  • Work Dresses

Ankle Boot Heels with Work Dress

You can add some spice to your conservative dressing style when you go for ankle boots. You can make your look a bit interesting by wearing these boots with your favorite work dress. You can look fashionable and feminine when you adorn a basic jumper that’s layered over a button up and paired with ankle boots. A full skirt dress gives you a feminine look and you can give it an edgy touch by wearing ankle boots with it. Use a fitted blazer for topping the look if you want to look a bit more conservative.

  • Sundresses

Ankle Boot Heels with Sundress

Instead of wearing sandals, you can pair your summer dresses with ankle boots and make them a part of your fall wardrobe. You can add a cardigan or jacket and tights to this outfit and you will be set. You can even make a floral dress appropriate for cold weather by wearing it with black ankle boots and black tights. Use a black jacket for completing the look. You can use the same trick for white frocks so you can wear black ankle boots with them once the weather starts cooling down. The ankle boots and sundress combination works with maxis and even shorter dresses so you can use them with a number of your summer staples.

  • Sweater Dresses

Ankle Boot Heels with Sweater Dress

If you want to look feminine, but also wish to give your sundress a rest, you can go for a sweater dress. You can get a feminine flair with sweater dresses and they can also keep you cozy and warm. Your sweater dresses can be oversized or even fitted and sleek. Opt for whatever type you prefer. You can look lean and look since you will be wearing ankle boots.

Dresses for Over-the-knee Boots

Another fashion forward are over-the-knee boots, which really help you in standing out. It can be tough to know how to wear these boots because they are rather high. One option available to you is to wear these high boots with a dress. You will come off as a fashion maven as long as you pair the boots with the right dress. You can end up ruining your look completely if you choose the wrong dress. Don’t fret if you aren’t sure of the suitable frock. There are plenty of dresses that you can pair with these boots to look like a style pro and some of them include:

  • Sweater Dress

Over-the-knee Boots with Sweater Dress

Inherently, the over-the-knee boot is a winter and fall shoe so it should be paired with a warm dress. Don’t choose a too-clingy sweater dress because the boots are already on the sexier side. Sweater dresses that are a bit oversized are always a tad more complementary. You can pick a dress that falls right over the boots or only shows an inch or two of your leg.

  • Flowy Dresses

Over-the-knee Boots with Flowy Dress

You can take your sundresses into the fall season by pairing it with over-the-knee boots. The ideal choice is a flowy dress that is about two inches above the knees. You can slip on tights for keeping your legs warm and use a cardigan for covering your arms or a leather motorcycle jacket or even a blazer.

  • Tunics

Over-the-knee Boots with Tunics

Not only are they cute, tunics are also quite versatile. They can be worn as dresses or tops. As they are on a bit of shorter side, you should wear them some leggings for looking modest. If the tunic is longer and the weather isn’t too chilly, you can even wear them without leggings or choose to wear tights instead. Tunics can be found in long sleeves, sleeveless lighter and knitted styles. If you want to warm up, you should wear your tunic like a sundress and top it off with a jacket or cardigan.

  • Jacket Dress

Over-the-knee Boots with Jacket Dress

You can also wear oversized boyfriend-blazers as dresses. The key is to get a blazer that’s long enough to act as a dress. If the blazer is dipping too low, you can just wear a tunic or tee underneath it. You can put a belt around your waist if you want to give it more shape and then button it up completely. If you don’t want to go for a do-it-yourself blazer, you can also hit the shops and find an actual dress that looks like a blazer as there are some available in the market.