Who says only oldies and grandmas wear pearls? Don’t say that to the throng of fashion icons and celebrities who are simply enthralled with modern pearl jewelry that has become all the rage this season. Gone are the days when the pearls were only part of the keepsake box of your grandmother or simply reserved for the snooty aristocrats. They are now regarded as a timeless accessory that simply oozes sophistication and elegance. Previously pearls were considered traditional and old fashioned, but the beauty of pearls lies in the fact that they never go out of fashion. They are in simple world, classic.
Currently, pearl is simply rocking the accessory trends of 2013 and the runway of various designers features different jewelry and related accessories that were made from pearl. A number of pearl accessories were glimmering on the catwalk of the fashion week. They have always been a symbol of sophistication, wealth and grace and heirloom pearls are passed down in the family to all generations. There is simply no wrong way of wearing pearls as they can look good and elegant with anything and can be found in a myriad of shades and sizes, making them amazingly versatile. They also possess a unique luster that’s second to none.
Pearls have come back this season with a bang. As a matter of fact, pearls are making a return for the rich and the ordinary folk if the pearl drops worn by Duchess of Cambridge or the pearl stud earrings worn by Taylor Swift are any indication. Not only do they work for red carpet events, they are also suitable for the most laidback weekday looks for people. Here are some of the latest pearl trends that have been introduced:
1- Pearl Fashion Rings: 
Rings fashioned with pearls have become an extremely hot commodity this season, especially the ones that have been accented with diamonds and gemstones on the side. They give a timeless and elegant appearance to the ring and can look stylish on your finger.
2- Pearl Bracelets: 

This season has also seen a revival of pearls stacked on the wrist. They can work exceptionally well with black dresses and even for casual wear. Pearl bracelets are standing out as a simple yet spectacular accessory with different attire.
3- Pearl Necklaces: 
There are is considerable variety in terms of pearl necklaces. Women can easily find simple pearl chains or even opt for the traditional pearl choker that’s ideal for evening wear or for a special occasion. Likewise, there are long layered, double and even single layered pearl necklaces available. They have become wardrobe staples as they work with formal dresses, lace and also polka dot prints.
4- Pearl Earrings:  
These have gained considerable popularity this season due to their popularity. Whether they are pearl stud earnings or drop earrings, they add a youthful glow to the face.
5- Pearl Brooches:  
Pearls aren’t back just as a form of jewelry, but as an accessory as well. Chic pearl brooches can give life to a dress and make it exceptional.