Nicki Minaj Denies Blasting Melania Trump in Concert Rap

According to rapper Nicki Minaj, she didn’t slam the wife of presidential candidate Donald Trump, Melania, during a rap at a concert on Saturday, October 15th. The rapper had appeared on Saturday at the Tidal X:1015 fundraising concert in Brooklyn, New York. During one expletive-laden rap, the Super Bass star seemed to suggest that the wife of the Republican candidate, Melania, couldn’t hold a candle to other first ladies such as Michelle Obama, the wife of current U.S. president Barack Obama or to Hilary Clinton, First lady to Bill Clinton and the Democratic presidential candidate for this year’s election.

Footage of the video spread out on Twitter and one user said that she had been going on and on about Mealnia. However, Nicki asserted that she wasn’t being mean at all. She said that she hadn’t been dragging at all and Melania had seemed nice. But, she added that a smart man should be aware that a certain ‘kind’ of woman is needed when they are attempting greatness or running for President. The gig, organized for raising funds for the Robin Hood foundation, was also attended by other stars including Lauryn Hill, T.I., Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Common and Robin Thicke.

It was the first time that Nicki had met her idol, the former Fugees star backstage, and she had been overcome with emotion. Video footage on Instagram showed Nicki on her knees holding both of Lauryn’s hands and saying ‘no’ and ‘please’. Lauryn laughed while she bowed down to the singer’s feet and grabbed her to pull her back up. Nicki hugged her affectionately and told her that she loved everything about her. She said that she had had an outer body experience when she met the star and said that Lauryn was a Goddess or The Queen and the epitome.