NCapital Group Review

In today’s time, you will find thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto-verse providing trading services. A similarity you would find among the majority of them would be the claims they make in terms of provisioning you with benefits, profits, and services. Please do not get lured by such claims and end up giving your money away to such platforms. Their intentions are to show you the riches with no intentions of helping you achieve those. However, NCapital Group is a firm, which does not make claims it cannot fulfill. Therefore, I will share some of my experience with NCapital in my NCapital Group review, so you know what I mean.

Teams at NCapital Group

The teams at NCapital Group comprise of expert traders, investors, analysts, programmers, and engineers. Together, these teams ensure that you are never alone when venturing through the cryptocurrency markets. They are experts in their fields, honed their skills in the cryptocurrency sector, and offer you an experience of a lifetime. Their focus is not your bank account, but your trading profile. They aim to polish your trading skills and ready you for all the challenges you are to face in the crypto-verse while making investments.

Trading Accounts at NCapital Group

While many cryptocurrency exchanges offer demo trading and real-time trading account, NCapital Group offers a wide variety of them. The platform does it so you have plenty of options at your disposal based on your trading experience and expertise. At present, NCapital Group provides you with six different types of trading accounts that include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black trading accounts. Each account has a different minimum deposit requirement ascending from a Basic trading account to a Black trading account.

Services Offered by NCapital Group Trading Accounts

Each account at NCapital Group is suitable for a particular trading profile. If you are new or somewhat familiar with crypto trading, then you can proceed with Basic or Bronze, and then keep upgrading as you continue progressing.

If you have indeed acquired at NCapital Group fulfilling a minimum deposit requirement, you will have access to many services. However, few of the most useful and general services include daily market review, price alerts, a dedicated account manager, customer analytics, personalized trading strategy. Furthermore, you have access to exclusive positions and an Islamic account option.

Trading Platform by NCapital Group

When it comes to offering a trading platform for cryptocurrency investments and trades, NCapital Group does not rely on third-party trading platforms. Instead, its expert engineers, traders, and programmers have worked together to introduce a reliable, secure, user-friendly, and highly secure trading platform.

Some of the most prominent and useful features offered NCapital Group’s exclusive trading platform include advanced trading charts, daily trading signals, numerous trading markets. Furthermore, the platform offers a large number of cryptocurrencies and their pairs for trading/investing.

Education Center by NCapital Group

When NCapital Group claims it is customer-oriented then it means it. To provide you with complete basic, standard, and advanced level cryptocurrency trading knowledge and information, NCapital Group has put together an education center. The center provides you with full information around cryptocurrencies, insights, tips/tricks, and so much more currently going on in the cryptocurrency trading markets. All of the content is available and at your disposal to make your trading journey a smooth and successful ride.

At present, some of the most essential content provided in NCapital Group’s education center includes one-on-one coaching sessions, video chart analysis, glossary, news, asset index, and pro webinars.

Regulatory Adherence by NCapital Group

While the majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges are unregulated, NCapital Group ensures it never falters to the wrong side of the cryptocurrency industry. This is why it strictly adheres to the regulatory policies and ensures full compliance.

If you are to join NCapital, then you must have your personal identification information ready, as they will ask you for that information under the KYC guidelines. On the other hand, they would also pay close attention to all your transactions under the AML guidelines to ensure none of them are illicit or funding any terrorist syndicates.

Deposit and Withdrawals at NCapital Group

When it comes to making deposits or withdrawals, you have access to Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Wire Transfer as payment methods. The minimum one-time deposit requirement at NCapital Group is €1,000 in order to open the lowest-tiered (Basic) trading account.

When it comes to making withdrawals, you can choose the same payment methods used for depositing money. However, you have to provide your proof of identity and address under the KYC and AML guidelines before NCapital Group releases your funds. Therefore, the process of withdrawing your money can take up to five to fifteen business days.

Customer Support at NCapital Group

The customer support offered by NCapital Group is top-notch, professional, experienced, friendly, and prompt. If you ever have any query that you need discussing, whether related to general questions or investment-related queries, you can get in touch with them. They would ensure that you are provided with full care and support while solving your problem in the most efficient and prompt manner.

Therefore, if you wish to call them and test their skills, you can get in touch with them via phone or email. They are available from 6 AM to 3 PM Monday to Friday, so they will respond to your query at the earliest.