natural Things to Get Rid of Cold

While there are a lot of medicines available for minimizing the symptoms of a cold, a lot of people don’t want to use them. They prefer to use natural remedies, which are safer and a lot more effective. Some of the natural treatments that can be used for treating a cold are highlighted here:

• Honey

One of the oldest yet most convenient natural remedy available for the cold is honey. This doesn’t just contain antiviral and antibacterial agents, but also comprise of antioxidants, which can give the immune system a boost. Take 2 tablespoons of honey and blend it with boiled water. This remedy can be immensely useful for dealing with several bacterial infections and can also soothe uncomfortable symptoms of the cold such as excessive coughing.

• Water

You can also get rid of the symptoms of the common cold when you make some changes to your lifestyle. This involves drinking plenty of water on a daily basis i.e. eight glasses in order to stay hydrated. Mucus can be loosened up through water and this can considerably reduce the discomfort that comes with congestion. In fact, it is not just water; other fluids can also work wonders when you have a cold. Your body becomes dehydrated when you have fever so people can drink water and orange juice for hydrating your body.
• Echinaecea

An herb that’s commonly used for managing and preventing the cold is Echinaecea. The herb doesn’t just help deal with colds, but can also be used for dealing with influenza and infections. It can be taken in the form of liquid extract or tea if people want to get rid of the cold painlessly and quickly.

• Garlic

An easy and well-known remedy for the treatment of cold is garlic. The best part about this remedy is that it is almost always present in the house. When garlic is cut up, it emits a compound called allicin, which has antibacterial properties that can prevent and battle the common cold. The immune system can also be strengthened by this compound. Cut raw garlic and eat two to three cloves on a daily basis. Even though the smell of garlic is a little tough, it can get rid of the cold symptoms in a natural and quick way.

• Vitamin C

If you want to get rid of the cold even before it gets off, Vitamin C is your solution. People should take Vitamin C supplements in the morning and in the evening when they notice the uncomfortable signs of the cold such as plugged ears and sore throat beginning to occur.

• Showering

Hot and steamy showers can be extremely great for dealing with the cold. Nasal passages are hydrated with the steam and this can reduce and calm congestion.