Must-Have Items for a Classic and Timeless Wardrobe

Every woman wants to have an awesome and classic wardrobe to their name; it is very easy to have one. There are some basic building blocks that make up a well-rounded and timeless closet and are investment pieces so one shouldn’t hesitate in splurging on them when the time is right. Because they are classics, they will last for years and even decades if they are taken care of in the right way. Here is a complete list of must-have items that will give every woman a wonderful wardrobe:

1-     A Little Black Dress

Every fashion blog, magazine and even your mother was right; you should have a little black dress in your closet always because it is said to be an important arrow in your fashion quiver. It is best to opt for a classic knee length black dress, which has a sheath style and is sleeveless. If they want it to be truly versatile, women should keep in mind that it shouldn’t show cleavage and be too short. It can be perfect for a business casual look or also work for a sassy date night.

2-     Basic Cardigans

There is a cardigan out there that can fulfill a woman’s needs perfectly no matter what the season or occasion. From durable cotton to thin cashmere to heavy wool knits, cardigans can be styled exactly the way you want. There is plenty of choice offered to people as far as cardigans are concerned because they can be found in different styles, fabrics and cuts.

3-     A White Shirt

A white dress shirt is a woman’s BFF because it is ideal if they have to go for interviews, go to the office or simply look polished on a dinner. It is not an item that one would want to go cheap on because you want the shirt to retain its shape even after several washings and not get translucent either. Also, it is best to get this shirt in a size bigger than you usually wear or else it will show off gaps and pulls that can be embarrassing.

4-     Ballet Flats

The best thing about ballet flats is that they are simply a staple item and doesn’t require a lot of spending. It is best to get the cheap ones because they tend to wear out after a couple of years so it is worth spending a lot of money on.

5-     A Long Trench Coat

A timeless tan trench coat, especially a branded one, will have a conservative cut and will last for years or decades even. Styles that end just below the knee and are loose through the shoulders and sleeves are the best picks. They can be left open and loose or even buttoned up and tied for giving a demure, chic and gorgeous look to a woman.

There are plenty other items such as boots, jeans, colored scarves, blazers, black pumps and khaki trousers that should also be incorporate into a wardrobe to make it ideal and perfect.