Your computer is used by different other people and you are always worried about the activities going on your computer when you are away from your desk. Especially, if you are working in some office and your colleagues are habitual to use your computer without any permission in your absence then you must have to do something to catch them or at least find out what they are doing on your computer most of the time. If this computer is only assigned to you to do your official work then it is your right and it should be legal to monitor the activities of other people on your computer system. Power Spy is application what exactly you are looking for. It can monitor the activities on your computer very secretly.

This monitoring will be done in stealth mode so that user will never be able to detect the monitoring activity at all. You will be able to monitor the outgoing as well as incoming traffic which includes chats and IMS through different websites or messengers. It is capable to monitor the activities on MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, TenCent QQ, AOL, GADU GADU and other messengers. It will be able to record the websites which have been visited, emails sent/read, opened documents, activities on clipboard, typed passwords and applications which have been executed on your system. Power Spy Software will serve as your surveillance camera which will keep taking the snapshots of your monitor screen after regular intervals.

In your absence, when anyone will start up your computer, Power Spy Software will start working automatically and invisibly. When you login back into your system and want to check the recorded activities. You can use your Hotkey which will unhide the Control Panel of the Power Spy. You can check all the reports directly on your computer or this application can send you all the reports through email as well. You can set up the report timing or intervals through the control panel. So it is not necessary to login back into your system to check the reports, you can check the reports from any remote location via email.

Power Spy is equipped with very powerful tools to monitor the activities on any computer. You can get the snapshots of the screen after every second. It will save the taken snapshot in JPEG format and it will be saved as an image on the computer hard drive. Remember that it will be hidden, so there is no chance to be caught by the user. Power Spy will stop taking the screenshots when user goes idle. If you want to know about each step of the activities then you can move on step by step. Otherwise you can enjoy the Slide Show as well. Power Spy will be able to save the user name and password which will be the part of reports. It can record each and every keystroke from the system which can exclude the specific keys such as numeric keys.