Are you looking for your dream job? If yes, then you might have been striving hard to reach the objectives which you have settled for your life. You are trying to find a job but you are unable to do that. May be you are doing something wrong. Perhaps you are putting your efforts and energies, but in the wrong manner. So you have to do the right things in the right way. Actually, some people make mistakes while applying for jobs. As a result, they have to face hardships. Let’s discuss few common mistakes made by the professionals due to which they experience problems while finding a job.

Mistakes at the Early Stage of Career

Fresh graduates get their degrees and want their dreams come true right away. It does not work like this. Often the inexperience or fresh graduates start applying for the high profile jobs because they want to start earning the higher salaries. This is a wrong a choice. If you are a new graduate, you should start from entry level jobs in your profession. With the passage of time you earn as well as lean. You are learning and being experienced. On the other hand you are earning salary against your services. So at the very early stage of your career don’t run after the high profile vacancies because you are not going to get any response. When you are experienced and capable to do the high profile tasks, obviously, every major company will welcome you to work with them.

Frequently Switching Between Jobs

One of the most obvious questions from the recruiter is “Why did you quit from your last job?”. Actually, recruiters don’t the like the person who is very frequent in switching the jobs. Matter of the fact is that when a person is hired for any particular job, employers have to invest to train that person. They have to engage their resources so it cost them a lot. Training a person, who is more likely to quit sooner, is just a waste of time and money for them. Even qualified and competent people might be rejected on the basis of this reason. So it is advisable to get something in your resume to express that you have potential to serve the organizations for longer period of time.

Diversity in Experience

Let’s try to understand, how diversity in experience might create problems for you.
You need to stick with your profession. Probably you will be surprised know that an electrical engineer has been working with some NGO. He could get a job in NGO because of his strong professional reference in NGO. He just quit from his job because he was being offered double of his salary by the NGO, while he was working as an electrical engineer. After 2 years, his contract with the NGO is expired and he is unemployed. He is applying for a job in NGOs but they don’t consider him as a candidate because he does not have appropriate qualification. Perhaps you know that, NGOs normally hire the people with qualification in Social Sciences. Engineering firms don’t consider him as a candidate because he has a significant gap in his professional experience. He is unemployed for several months now. The conclusion is that you need to be expert on your own field.