Minecraft Xbox 360 Update and Lots More

On Friday, there were some new images of Minecraft Xbox One’s Creative Mode and Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 on the web, which provided fans with new photographic proof that continuing progress is taking place in 4J Studios on a number of Minecraft ports since the discovery that Minecraft: PlayStation 3 is now functioning in a stable manner. In the last few months, it has become usual for the studio to tease the upcoming content through television sets in the background of photographs. When seen only in a glance, the photographs seem to be showing off different pieces of Minecraft merchandise.

In November of last year, images of Minecraft: PlayStation 3 edition had been released by the studio through some new Minecraft toys and the European Exclusive Minecraft Xbox 360 hardware bundle. The tweets on Friday were also just as subtle as their predecessors had been. Like in the previous tweets, the fodder had been provided by two televisions, which had been needed for a weekend filled with Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft Xbox 360 speculation. Only a week after giving hints about what can be expected from the next patch in the game, there seems to be confirmation that the randomly-generated structures, which have been enjoyed by the PC players since Minecraft 1.3 was introduced, would now also be seen on the Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14.

Even better, there is also proof that it is the aim of 4J Studios to release new content for all its ports of Minecraft at the same time because the jungle fortress seems to have been rendered with the version of the Xbox One. There haven’t been any images of the Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition as yet, but it is difficult to distinguish between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game because the DualShock seems to have matching color schemes in both consoles. It is possible that the images that were assumed to be for the PlayStation 3 could be for the PlayStation 4 instead.

Nevertheless, the randomly generated structures are not the only addition that’s being made to the Mincecraft: Xbox 360 Update 14. As far as the teaser from 4J Studios shows, gamers playing on the original Minecraft port will have the opportunity of building Iron Anvils and the Emeralds that are needed for building the best tools and armor will finally be included in the new Microsoft Xbox 360. Trip-wire hooks will also be added to the next Minecraft Xbox 360 update for meeting the trap-setting needs of players.

However, from what it can be seen, it is safe to assume that Mules and Horses will not be introduced to the console version of Minecraft as yet, but the addition of the Carrot on a Stick is confirmed through the Minecraft Xbox One version. 4J Studios will be releasing more information about the updates and eager gamers can expect to see more tweets concerning the new content that will be introduced for the smash hit sandbox game.