Microsoft Planning to Launch a Wearable Device

According to the reports gleaned by Forbes, Microsoft Corp is planning to launch its own wearable device in the next couple of weeks. The company’s entry into the modern wearable tech category has been long awaited and it seems that it is finally getting a move on. This wearable device will be a smartwatch, which will be compatible with numerous mobile platforms and will also be able to track the heart rate of the wearer passively. Sources close to the matter have revealed that the battery life of the device will be about 2 days, even with regular use.

This long battery life could allow the device to beat Moto 360 and Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, both of which need to be charged at least once a day when used regularly. As per the information, the wearable device will hit the stores quickly after being launched as the software giant wishes to take advantage of the lucrative holiday season, a timeline, which Apple had established for its own iWatch until it had to delay the launch to early 2015. It was first reported in May by Forbes that Microsoft was working on creating its smartwatch, which relied on its Kinect division for optical engineering expertise.

The device will also sync with Android devices, iPhones and Windows Phones. However, the name of the device remains unclear and the cost and pricing is also another unknown at this point of time. The introduction of a wearable device will mark the first foray of the tech giant into a new device category under the leadership of the still-new CEO, Satya Nadella. Despite the offerings from Samsung and the upcoming device from Apple, the wearable category still remains unchartered. Nevertheless, according to the predictions of the analysts, the market will become worth $7.1 billion in the upcoming year.

Going cross platform is also consistent with the new CEO’s drive to make the product offerings of the company available across all devices. His predecessor, Steve Ballmer, focused on Windows-only devices, but Satya Nadella apparently doesn’t believe in this strategy and this was substantiated by his launch of Microsoft Office for the iPad this year. This strategy is probably wise these days because statistics from IDC show that the Windows Phone holds about 2.5% share of the smartphone market. On the plus side, the wearable device of Microsoft will allow the firm to target more customers as compared to the iWatch, which will only work with iOS devices.

The company could easily gain a leg-up over its rivals with the 2-day battery life. This is because this particular feature is often cited as one of the most crucial factors considered by consumers when they are purchasing a smartphone, yet the topic was conveniently ignored at the event last month, when Apple made its announcement of the iWatch. Since then, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has revealed that just like the Moto 360 and Galaxy Gear, the gadget will need to be charged on a daily basis for regular use.