Several times large and small businesses have to work on projects where all the employees are not present at the same location. That’s when some sort of software must be used to have all the employees who are a part of the project in one place. Today, internet has made things easier for all project managers and business analysts. The cloud based business softwares have revolutionized the project management process for all businesses. One of the many unique and intelligent business softwares is Podio project management software that allows people involved in a project to interact and update each other.

This software allows people to create their own apps for various purposes e.g. task management and project management. A cloud based platform ensures that all the information can be shared and lifted from the same location by every contributor of the project. Podio is still in its progressive state where new things are being added frequently in the software to convert it into complete all-in-one software. The best features have just been added to the software i.e. chat, instant messaging and email inbox synchronization. The users will now be able to have video chats with each other as well.

Three very famous online cloud services; Box, Google Drive and Sharefile, can be used by users to share their projects and tasks with each other in real time. Not to mention, posting the job opening and monitoring the ongoing meetings have already been a part of the software. It is a great development by the company and definitely the software will now contribute even more to the successful completions of many projects. Even when everything is working fine, lack of communication or delayed communication can always make a project fail in the end. However, with the new features added into the software and more on the way, project management is being made easier with time.