Major Benefits of Choosing E-Cigarettes

We have all heard about the dangers of smoking and the disastrous consequences you have to face if you don’t quit. The problem is that quitting is easier said than done. When you have been smoking for years, how do you give up the habit all of a sudden? This is where e-cigarettes come in. They were first introduced in China between 2004 and 2005 and were aimed at helping people in quitting or cutting down the smoking habit due to the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco. However, the fact is that switching to e-cigarettes provides a number of benefits to people, which are not just limited to your health.

Some of the major benefits that you can enjoy when you opt for e-cigs instead of real tobacco cigarettes are:

Health benefits

As stated earlier, there are thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke, which include hundreds of toxins and 70 of those can cause cancer. When you opt for electronic cigarettes, these chemicals are reduced to a mere handful of safe and known chemicals. They are a lot less damaging for your health and can protect you from numerous diseases and health problems.

Save money

Do you know that if you switch to E-Zigarettes, you can actually get 100 cigarettes worth of nicotine in just the price of 40? That’s right. Now, you can do the math and figure out how much money you will end up saving in the long run, especially if you smoke frequently.


While they may seem futuristic, you don’t have to stick with one brand. You can opt for an E-Zigarette of your choice. There is plenty of variety in e-cigs and more companies are sprouting up on a daily basis so you will not run out of options anytime soon.

Different strengths

The same amount of nicotine cannot be found in all e-cigs. As a matter of fact, you can get different strengths, depending on how much you require at a certain time. If you want to cut down smoking, you can start at 18 mg and then slowly go down to 12 mg, then 6 mg and so on.

Similar to smoking

The purpose of an E-Zigarette is to replicate the sensation of smoking and they accomplish this goal quite well. When you inhale, you achieve a realistic ‘hit’ at the back of your throat, a cloud of smoke like vapor and even the tip glows when you take a puff.

Easy to use

Another major benefit of e-cigarettes is that even though they are modern technology, it is incredibly easy to use them. Most of them are two-piece models that just require you to screw the battery attachment and cartridge together and then start puffing. The batteries will automatically activate and create vapor, which will come out of the mouthpiece when you inhale.

No smell

Tobacco smoke has a smell that can be quite off-putting for the smoker and people around them. With e-cigs, this is not a problem as they have a faint smell and that’s only the flavoring.