Whether you are going for tourism purposes or want to live in Lewiston, this place offers a great deal of serenity and city life in amalgamation. This is one of the places that will never bore you if you enjoy the beauty of nature, scenic drives and views and a place to live that is safe and secure. It is not one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world but it definitely has a lot to offer to those who are visiting it for vacations and fun. The best thing to see in this city just like many other cities in Idaho is the natural beauty.

The weather here remains mild throughout the year and doesn’t go chilly in winters or burning hot in summers. Though there have been occasions where record highs have reached a scorching 47O degree Celsius as well but that’s very rare and occasional. There are rivers to see in this city and their confluence points along with some cliffs and skiing areas located in near vicinities. The city offers great accommodation, dining and shopping options so you get to enjoy the life of a big city in a place that is a little less noisy than most of the big cities.

Places To Go To In Lewiston

The first natural attraction in the city is definitely the Hells Canyon National Recreation area that allows dozens of different activities to do on the spot and thousands of scenic views as you explore the area. This is a river gorge and in North America, it’s the deepest one. Then you have the Salmon River Canyons that offer you the best opportunities for hiking and rafting. Both these natural attractions allow a great number of places for camping and picnicking. If you are a person who loves adventures then there are many places to do so – the best are Snake Rivers and Idaho River.

Those who love to explore the history of places must visit Nez Perce County Historical Society Museum and Lew-Clark Center for Arts & History. If you have done enough for the day at Snake River Valley, you might want to go around shopping and enjoying some dining at the Lewiston Center. It is a mall that has more than what you would expect from a shopping mall and it can offer you a great experience of shopping for a couple of hours.

Dining In Lewiston

Lewiston offers all types of foods and cuisines that you would like to experience. One of the greatest things of being here on vacations is that you can enjoy some great cuisines too. From great local foods to Asian and South Asian cuisines and from there to some amazingly classic American dinners are all here in this place. For those who’d love to experience South Asian food must try The Emperor of India. This restaurant is not only known for its great Indian food but most renowned for the great Chef/Owner of the place. This guy is known for making you the food of your choice even if it is not on the menu.

To enjoy some great American food you might want to pay a visit to the Meriwethers. This place is also known for their quality and taste of food along with a great service from the staff. For those who are purely into classic American dinner there is a great café known as the Waffles Café. If you are there you must try the coconut crème waffle, it is one of the favorites of all those who go there. Other places that are great for a delicious cuisine experience include Taco Cecey, Effie’s Tavern, Sidelines Grille etc. In short, you will never be out of choices for foods and cuisines when you are in Lewiston.

Accommodation In Lewiston

There are a lot of places to stay in Lewiston when you are there and even though they are not the most luxurious hotels and places to stay in but they still offer all the amenities and facilities that will keep you comfortable and happy throughout your stay. There are hotels with conference, meeting room facilities along with spa and swimming pool features. This means you can spend a great honeymoon here or live with your family. There are great hotels and bed and breakfasts depending on your needs when you are there.

A great place that receives a lot of commendation from the people is Holiday Inn Express. This hotel is perfect for all types of stays i.e. for families, couples and business travelers. They are known for having a very friendly staff and a very clean environment. This hotel also gives some great views of hills and rivers in the area. Other great hotels with a lot of amenities and facilities include Red Lion, Inn America, Days Inn, etc.