Fold up your slacks ladies. Stow away your sweaters. Most importantly, bring your skirts out of hibernation. No longer is it necessary to be suffocated by slacks and trousers. The sun has returned from its vacation, bringing with it warmth and a sense of adventure. After being trapped within coats, gloves, and scarves, women everywhere yearn to shed the layers. Now is the time ladies! Grab your sunglasses and a glass of lemonade. Summer is here. Unfortunately, your wardrobe may be weary from the long months of layers. So, dear readers, before you scatter to various beaches, parks, and pools, make sure your closet is up to par with the skirts of the season. 

Skirts are the biggest staple of any summer wardrobe. This year, the biggest trend is the midi skirt. Though the skirt is longer, ending anywhere between the knee and the calf, it is typically made of lighter fabrics so it is not stifling and hot. The beauty of this skirt lies in its versatility. Dress it up with a blouse, pumps and pearls. Or dress it down with a graphic t and some T-strap sandals. Either way the skirt is chic and most importantly comfortable. Cast out your self-conscience thoughts because the draping of this skirt flatters any figure. There is a reason this skirt is at the forefront of summer fashion.

This season is all about pattern and color. Be sure to embrace bold prints like floral, checkerboard, and tribal. Making a big appearance this season are stripes and panels. Following the monochromatic trend, skirts of all styles are appearing with alternating black and white stripes or panels. Pair such a skirt with a neon top and black flats for a bold and polished look. Remember, if you chose a patterned skirt, it is best balanced by a solid top and vice versa.

Fabric. Every great skirt starts with an impressive fabric. This summer, look for sheer fabrics, light cotton blends, and leather. Yes, leather is a big staple this upcoming season. Please don’t rush to your closet and extract a full leather suit. A simple leather A-line and a sheer blouse are the look of the summer. The most important thing to remember when picking a fabric is comfort. If leather is stuffy and hot avoid it. If chiffon seems to sheer opt for a thicker fabric. Last but not least, make sure you are not drowning in fabric. Too much fabric can make you seem disproportionate and sloppy. Be wary. 

Now that you are prepared with the biggest skirt cuts, prints, and fabrics of the season, you can walk out the door with confidence. Put away your winter coats and break out the swimsuits. Summer is upon us and it’s brought skirts with it.