Laughter Is The Best RemedyIt is said that humor is contagious. The sound of deafening laughter is more catching than any coughing, sniffling, or sneezing. You might have noticed when you share laughter; you actually connect people together and increase glee, happiness, and intimacy. It’s medically proven that humor and laughter make your immune system stronger, improve your liveliness, reduce pain, and save you from harmful effects of anxiety. The most excellent part is that this priceless remedy is fun, free of cost, and easy to use.

Laughter is said to be a powerful remedy to help you fight anxiety, pain and conflict. There is nothing stronger and faster for bringing your psyche and body back into balance than a good laughter therapy. Humor helps you lessen your burdens, motivates you have a positive approach, and binds you to others. When you laugh, you keep yourself grounded, focused, and alert.

As a wonderful resource to surmount problems, enhance your relations, and support your physical and emotional health, it is important that you laugh easily and frequently. There is no doubt in the saying that laughter brings your ill health back into wellbeing.

Laughter And Your Health

Laughing relaxes your whole body and is good to your health. A good and cheerful giggle lightens your physical stress and anxiety and leaves your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes.

Laugh enhances your overall immune system. It diminishes stress hormones and boosts immune cells as well as infection fighting antibodies, hence improve your battle against illness.

Laughter helps triggering the release of endorphin-natural feel good chemical of the human body. Such chemicals prop up sense of wellbeing on the whole and can even temporarily alleviate pain.

Laughing is protecting your heart as it improves the overall functionality of blood vessels and enhances blood flow that helps preventing you from heart attacks and other heart problems.

Mental Health Benefits Of Laughter


Laughing frequently and hearty help you get happiness and zest in your life.

Helps you relieve from stress, tension, and fear

Enhances your mood and improves resilience

Social Benefits Of Laughter


Sharing laughs and happiness help you strengthen your relationships and keeps your surrounding gleaming

Helps you bind people together and attracts others toward you.

Helps enhancing good teamwork and supports group bonding

Is helpful defusing conflict

Laughter and humor should be essential in one’s life to feel good and look good. Your good mood helps you stay positive, think optimistically through all kind of difficult situations and helps you fight against distress and loss. Laughter proves to be dissolving distress and sad emotions. You can’t sense anxiousness, angriness or sadness while you are laughing. You feel relaxed and recharge when you are in good humorous mood, hence are capable of staying focused and achieve more.

Besides just working as a respite from stress and pain, humor and laughter motivate you to come across new sources of meaning and hope. Remember! Sharing laughter is stronger than laughing alone so try to be with your people. Consider creating different ways to laugh such as watching funny movies or humorous television shows, going to a comedy club, reading comics, or seeking funny people and so on.