As the new fashion season kicks off, everyone gets an excuse to freshen up their personal idea and sense of style. However, it’s the hair that makes a statement on a daily basis even though people tend to focus more on sampling, considering and discovering the latest accessories and clothes. From cuts to colors, there are a variety of options available to all the women out there through which they can maintain their hair and look stylish and hip at the same time. Some of the latest hair trends are as follows:

Low Ponytail

When you wish to make a striking yet simple statement, a low ponytail is the right answer and it can start from the nape of the neck or sometimes even below it. There are several variations of this ponytail as well such as a slick one, messy one or even a very low one.

Messy Up-do 

An effortless hairstyle that manages to looks glamorous as well is a dream come true. The exact way to create is to go for an easy up-do that doesn’t feel too polished or ‘done’.

1960’s Touch

Not all styles are effortless and easy so don’t put away your hairspray. An on-trend and chic alternative can be found in the form of retro, bold and big, bouffant and backcombed hairstyles that work with modern looks as well as vintage-inspired appearance.

Tomboy Hair

Tomboyish hairstyle appeal to the fancy of individuals who believe in androgyny in fashion; this means they are perfectly okay when masculine and feminine styles mash together. These styles blur the gender boundaries, but lean more towards the masculine look.

Half Tuck 

The half-tucked hairstyle is to make a statement. It works for both formal and casual occasions and are styled readily, whether it be day or night. This hairstyle can look even more out of the way if a few choice accessories are added to it.

Side Parting

When one doesn’t wish to highlight the color of their hair, this hairstyle can come in handy. The side parting of hair is a styling element that remains everlasting and gives a different and elegant appearance at the same time. Different types of side parting can be done such as sleek side part that gives a youthful and elegant interpretation and adds volume and texture to the hair. This can work for long hair. Textured side parting is another option and it textures the hair from the root in contrast to the sleek side parting that adds texture to the tips only.

Bangs and Fringes

These particular styles never go out of style and make an impression. They can prove to be the ultimate haircut on some occasions.

Twisted Headband 

This is a modern version of the 60’s hairstyle and can work for a myriad of occasions ranging from casual to formal. A feminine twist can be made with a headband

Wispy Chignon 

A chignon is the go-style when one wants a chic, easy and quick style, but don’t wish to make a ponytail or leave the hair out.