Coming to Nevada and not going to Lake Tahoe is a big miss and a mistake that you will keep you thinking about it forever. This lake with its proud and boastful looks and sights is one place where there is an abundance of activities as well. This is not the lake where all you can think of is camping or hiking. This lake offers much more than that and spending a day here would be like spending a day nowhere else. There is fun for everyone in this place, from children to the old and senior citizens. Along with some smashing views of the lake, it also boasts some of the most dazzling views of the mountains.

Quick Facts About Lake Tahoe

First, on various occasions and in various magazines, this lake has been named as the best lake of United States. A great thing about this lake is that it is situated on the border of Nevada and California; so while people in California are enjoying their time on the lake, people of Nevada are enjoying the same level of fun on the other side. This lake is also honored to be standing on rank 2 for being the deepest lake in United States and with a size so huge, it is the 26th largest lake in the world. At points the lake is as deep as 501 meters putting it on rank 16 on the list of deepest lakes of the world. The lake never stops you from having fun and regardless of the season and part of the year, there are dozens of things to do on this lake.

Best Places To Visit In Lake Tahoe

First of all, there are absolutely no issues in finding the lodging and accommodations – this place has an abundance of them. You just have to decide whether you want to stay in a vacation rental or a resort with all the luxuries and you can do the booking online. Now, if you are there on the lake in the winter season, make sure you don’t miss the Incline Village. This place is considered a paradise for tourists and adventurists, those who love to ski. The great thing is that you do the skiing on Diamond Peak in the months of winter but when summer arrives, your fun doesn’t end but it converts into hiking.

To enjoy some more hiking and reach a destination that makes you forget about your exhaustion and tiredness, go to the beautiful and scenic Eagle Falls. To enjoy some more beautiful and spectacular views of the nature, take a hike on the Flume Trail. This is a long trail and you will have to keep hiking for 4 miles and the elevation might push you back a little but once you have reached the top, you will be in such a beautiful place that you will that you did all the hard work to reach here. On top you reach the Marlette Lake that offers amazing beauty and perfect spots to sit down and have meals with your family.

If you want some views of the Echo lakes and some other lakes during your hiking, you must take time out to go on the Echo Lake Hiking Trail. Another trail known for being the “tricky trail” is the Cascade Falls Trail, but if you are adventurous about looking deep into the beauty of Tahoe Lake, you must not let anything stop you.

Best Activities At Lake Tahoe

In simple words; winter is all about skiing and summers are all about hiking. However, there are many other things that can be and are done at Lake Tahoe and that’s why it is such a perfect place to be whether you are alone or with family. Go boating if you want to do some water activities and walk the many trails if you love hiking. To make your hiking trips best, take your complete backpacks and find the best spots in front many lakes for camping. Not to forget the great golf courses this place offers as soon as spring arrives. So wake up the golfer in you and start practicing right now.

You must have enjoyed a lot of beaches but being in front of a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains, a cool and breezy atmosphere is a completely different beach experience altogether. The blue water of the lake is an addition to the beauty of the whole scene and this makes it the best place to take pictures and enjoy some time looking at the water and feeling the chill in the wind.

As mentioned earlier, lodging is available in abundance here and when it comes to dining, same is the case with it. There are hundreds of restaurants in the close vicinity of the lake and its surroundings. Most of the restaurants offer great panoramic views of the lake with dining. Furthermore, indoor activities include gambling, shopping and getting entertainment with almost anything you could imagine. It’s not one of the lakes that you will say is secluded in terms of amenities. How about some kayaking too?