Label Printing Professionals; A Few Warning Signs to Watch For

Finding a label printing company is pretty easy to say the least – the web is littered with a thousand and one brands plugging their printing services. However, finding a label printing service that’s actually of the calibre you’re looking for to sell your products effectively is another story altogether. It’s not that they don’t exist, but more a case of knowing how to isolate the label printers you can trust and taking a sizeable step away from those with little to nothing good to offer.

Generally speaking it can be easier to know what not to look for in a label printing service than to tick every single box in the positive category. So with this in mind, what follows is a quick introduction to a few of the red flag warning signs which more often than not should be your ticket to beating a hasty retreat and taking your business elsewhere:

1 – Poor Quality Website

So right off the bat you should be carrying out a mini-evaluation of the website they’re using to represent their brand. The reason for this is a pretty simple one – if they’re not able to own and operate a professional and attractive looking website that’s 100% free from errors, it’s really not a good indicator of the effort they’ll put into your labels. Developing and maintaining a rock-solid website these days isn’t difficult or expensive, so anything to the contrary should be seen as unacceptable.

2 – No Business Address

One of the most frequently overlooked and yet crucial warning signs of all is that of the printer’s business address…or the distinct lack thereof. When looking at the credentials of the printing partner you’re considering, one of the most important things of all to establish is that it is a real business with a real business HQ. If not, you run the risk of sending your order to a third-party based in some back bedroom, who rather than printing the digital labels for you will instead outsource them to the lowest priced printing firm they can find in order to profit at your expense. If there is no real business address to be found, you can assume it isn’t really a business.

3 – Lack of Contact Details

This also carries over into the rest of the contact details on offer too as any professional business operating in the sector should have not only an address, but a business email address and at least one landline phone number. Generic Gmail addresses for example are not enough and nor are mobile phone numbers – often these turn out to be worth less than the paper they’re not printed on.

4 – Missing Information

When going over the website in a little more detail, be sure to take note of what kind of information is there and what seems to have been left out for no apparent reason. This can cover everything across the board, ranging from the date the business was established to its current mission statement to its capacity to the equipment used to turnaround times and so on and so forth – all of which helps establish the business as a real professional. As such, the more information there is missing, the less credible the printing company may be.

5 – No Feedback Found

You’ll need to find out how the firm performs in the real world before ordering tens of thousands of labels, so it’s not unreasonable to expect some prior customer feedback to be shown. This should be easy to find and ideally on offer in abundance – anything to the contrary is a sure fire sign that something is up.

6 – No Samples on Show

The same also goes for samples of products created – it’s all too easy to say you’re able to print the best labels in the business, but another to produce and show off an extensive portfolio of work. In fact, any business looking to put in a large order should be offered samples of their own labels before being expected to commit to the larger order – another sign of real professionalism.

7 – No Guarantees Offered

And finally, perhaps the biggest warning sign of all is that of the label maker not offering any guarantees on the services offered, the prices charged or general label quality standards. This is of course wholly unacceptable as were you to opt for such a deal and end up with 15,000 labels you aren’t happy with, you might find that with no guarantees in place there’s really nothing much you can do about it.