Know How Sea Salt Can Be Beneficial For Skin & Health

Sea Salt can have a big impact on your total health and well-being. Salt is much need ingredient to your healthy life as it has basic elements of which your body is made. It is naturally obtained from sea water which contains essential minerals in order to be healthy. It has a number of trace minerals intact, all of which are valuable for our body.  Read on to find out what sea salt can do for you.

Combating Diseases

Asthma: Sea salt helps reduce inflammation in the respiratory system by slowing down the production of phlegm (mucous). This makes breathing easier.

Diabetes: For those suffering from diabetes mellitus, sea salt can be quite beneficial. It reduces the sugar level in the bloodstream, thereby eliminating the need for insulin.

Bone Disorders: It is the bones where a quarter of the amount of salt is stored in a human body. A lack of supply of salt to the body results in the weakening of the bones, as their reserves of important minerals are gradually depleted to compensate for the loss. Since sea salt contains adequate amounts of sodium and calcium, moderate intake of its solution could prevent severe bone disorders like osteoporosis.

Depression: Sea salt aids in preserving two important hormones—serotonin and melatonin—which act as stress relievers. It can therefore alleviate depression.

Easing Body Functions

Strengthening the Immune System: As sea salt can strengthen the immune system, it automatically keeps off transferrable diseases like common cold and flu, in addition to deterring allergies.

Lowering Cholesterol: The cardiovascular system consists of some of the most vital organs—organs which often fall prey to dysfunctions due to our eating habits and careless lifestyle. Sea salt intake in the form of solution becomes particularly important in this context. It lessens the occurrence of strokes and cardiac arrests by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, controlling blood pressure and keeping our heartbeat normal.

Anti-spasmodic Agent: The potassium present in sea salt helps in absorption of salt as well as strengthening of the muscles. As such, it is beneficial in preventing spasms and muscle cramps.

Alkalizing: Sea salt also acts as an alkalizing agent. Since it is consumed in its natural state, it does not contain added chemicals. It does not have adverse effects on the acid levels inside the body; rather, it helps in getting rid of excess acidity.

Maintaining Electrolyte Balance: Around eighty essential minerals and elements are present in sea salt, which assist in sustaining electrolyte balance. Thus brain function and nerve cell activities are made smoother by the consumption of sea salt.

Preventing Dehydration: Dehydration can be prevented by adding a quarter of a teaspoon of      sea salt to every half gallon of drinking water.

Aiding Weight Loss

Sea salt can contribute to weight loss as it enables the body to produce digestive juices that not only result in better digestion of food, but also help cleanse the digestive tract. You can easily kill two birds—constipation and weight gain—with one stone.

Improving Your Skin

  • Another area where sea salt offers massive benefits is skin health.
  • The ample amount of vitamin C present in this natural salt improves the function of antioxidants, thereby stalling ageing and detoxifying the skin cells. The removal of toxins makes the skin soft and healthy.
  • Magnesium is another useful mineral that is provided by sea salt. By preventing retention of fluid in the skin, it keeps the latter firm and youthful. Calcium, meanwhile, can get rid of clogged pores. Sea salt therefore is a great remedy for acne-ridden skin.
  • Other vitamins and minerals help in hydrating skin tissues and maintaining blood circulation in the epidermal layer.
  • Finally, sea salt is one of the best exfoliating agents that you could depend on. As it is a salt, it has the correct texture needed for scrubbing off dead skin cells and paving the way for newer cells to rise to the surface.

The advantages of sea salt are clearly numerous, but care should be taken if you choose to embrace it in your daily diet. Too much of a good thing is bad, and sea salt is no exception to the rule. Moderation is the key to reaping the full benefits of this wondrous tastemaker!