iPhone 5 Screen Protector

When I heard of the effectiveness of the iPhone 5 glass screen protector I thought of making a step and test its applicability with the above onslaughts. This was to gauge how the glass part of your phone can react to them when applied and as well how the protected part will react to the same. This is what led to me applying a Zagg made screen protector half on my phone and then left the other side naked. The first test comprised the rubbing of coins on both the sides for some minutes. Actually, the real result was that neither side was affected. I made another step of using a key instead of coins; still neither the protected side nor the naked glass side was affected.

This is what led me to the final test of using a nail file, and to my surprise after rubbing on both sides, the naked side was affected while the protected side was never. Actually, with this result, I now concluded that the iPhone 5 screen protector was useful. The unprotected side became somewhat opaque giving it a look that is very ugly. The other side still remained very clean. Ladies are the prone users of this type of nail file. Perhaps, some of the carry both in their handbags, it is a good idea if you are one to make sure you have applied the iPhone 5 glass screen protector which will give you the assurance of quality phone.