JXD S5800 Is Your Entertainment And Everything

Are you looking for a smartphone? Are you one of the people who take great interest in playing games on their smartphones? If you like to have some more features on your smartphone than what people normally have on theirs, JXD S5800 is the best thing for you. This is not just a smartphone but much more. This little thing can be your TV box and game player too. This same device is also your tablet PC. It packs all those great features and to provide you with uncompromising entertainment it has some smashing hardware features too.

This wonderful device is running on a quad-core processor at a speed of 1.3GHz for every core. To keep all operations smooth on it this smartphone has Android operating system installed. To make sure that all your tasks are running at optimum speeds and without interruptions, this smartphone has a big 1GB of DDR3 RAM too. These specifications show us that your experience on this device will be an unforgettable one whether you are playing games, watching your favorite movies or transferring images from this device to your HD screen. Not to mention, you have access to millions of Android applications with this phone too.

To make sure that you are able to install all your favorite applications and games on this phone, you are getting an internal memory of 8GB. When 8GB doesn’t sound enough, which is definitely the case with most of the users, you can always install the external TF card in it to get a maximum additional space of 32GB. Furthermore, this is one of the best smartphones you can get in the market when it comes to its battery size and capacity. Unlike other weak batteries on many of the renowned smartphones, this one comes with a huge 5000mAh battery on it.

Of course, you wouldn’t miss a chance of taking your favorite shots with this phone you have a 5MP camera on it too. To view these wonderful pictures on your phone with no compromise on quality, this phone has a big 5-inch screen too. There are a lot of keys on both sides of the screen i.e. above and below it, since these buttons are there to serve many purposes when you are using it as a TV box, tablet PC and much more. The best thing about having these many keys on the phone is that you can map them according to your needs and play your favorite games with your favorite settings. See complete specifications on GearBest.com.

This is a dual SIM phone so you can have 2 SIMs installed at the same time. The built-in speaker allows you to not only hear your favorite music but enjoy your favorite games at maximum fun levels. You will be dazzled with the performance of your screen since it packs 960×540 pixels on it. It also has Wi-Fi on it so you can use the internet or put it beside your TV so you can use it as a TV box. At the price of just $151.28, this is the best thing you can get to beat your friends with their high-end and expensive smartphones.