Israel Figa

Israel Figa

How to Market your Business during Covid-19: What Israel Figa Thinks

It is true that the coronavirus has considerably impacted large, medium sized and small businesses worldwide. In present times, it has become even more important to redefine your marketing strategies for your business. When you take your marketing up a notch, it will help your business succeed in such trying times. The following are 4 of the best Covid 19 marketing strategies for your business brand. These tips are provided by Israel Figa and have proven to be very effective for business marketing purposes. Read on!

Become More Creative

It is important that you know that the current coronavirus time is not exactly the correct time for you to resort to your old and outdated marketing tactics for your business. On the contrary, this is the time to assume risks and show your creative side with your marketing strategies.

When you talk about marketing your business and its products during the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic, it is true that the more creative you become, the better it is for your business. When you have a unique and innovative means to market your business services or products, it helps you to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of your competition. In addition, taking your marketing up a notch by being more creative can assist in drawing in new consumers and keep your business growing during the covid times.

Now, at this point, you might be asking yourself what can I do to better my marketing for my business while I deal with the pandemic? According to Israel Figa, you can carry out promotions of unique and tempting offerings, such as care packages and DIY kits to lure more number of customers towards your business’s products. In addition, you can provide virtual options to consumers, such as online showcases, meetings and classes.

Regardless of whichever creative marketing route you opt to go for your business, make sure that you really believe in it and have fun with it! You can also have detailed brainstorming sessions to ponder over what it is that you can do to draw consumers and entice them to fork out their money during such unpredictable times.

Build Virtual Relationships

Any business leader will tell you that building and fostering business relationships is a very challenging thing, particularly when you are endeavoring to create them online instead of in-person. However, if you aspire to market your business and firm in the current coronavirus period, it is imperative that you have to embrace strengthening and building relationships with your online clientele.

Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes if you want to bolster relationships with them. What would you like to hear and see from a specific business? What would you be feeling if you observed of the marketing communications of your business?

Keep honest, open and transparent communication going with your business customers. If at present, you do not have any kind of communication with your consumers, now would be the ideal time to begin. To that end, Israel Figa highly recommends that one of the best communication channels you can go for are email marketing campaigns!

Moreover, when you connect and communicate with consumers during the Covid 19 times, be genuine, empathic and thoughtful. The more you are able to connect with your business customers and understand better who they are, the more efficiently you can market your products or services to them moving forward.

Reassure your Consumers

Something that Israel Figa stresses on regularly is that your consumers are in fact the number one fans of your business. Without these customers, you most likely would not be the thriving business you are right now. In current Covid 19 times when there is a lot of uncertainty, you have to reassure your consumers that you are always there for them at all times and your business is not going away anywhere.

So, the question is that how can you manage to tie in comforting your consumers into your marketing strategies? In order to inform your consumers regarding how you are responding to the Covid 19 pandemic and letting them know that you are always there for them when they require you, you can (among other things):

  • Post on social media platforms regularly
  • Send out updates via email

Enhance the Online Presence of your Business

Since the Covid 19 pandemic in currently in full swing and more number of individuals are jumping onto the online bandwagon, there happens to be no better time than right now to work on the online presence of your business. As per Israel, when you have a strong presence online, it can help you greatly to create your business brand and gather credibility to draw in new consumers.  In addition, it makes your company more reachable to consumers so they can gather more details regarding what your business provides.

Internet usage has drastically increased by more than 50 percent owing to the Covid 19 pandemic. Since so many individuals spend their free time online these days, it is in your and your business’s best interest to take full advantage of this.  To boost you’re the online presence of your business, you can try a number of effective tactics. These include:

  • Optimizing your business official website for mobile screens
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization research
  • Creating valuable and useful content
  • Include keywords on the pages of your website
  • Improve experience of users
  • Engage in online forums and communities

Bottom Line

To conclude, marketing to your business consumers is always an integral element of operating your business, even more so during the current coronavirus times. If you follow the aforementioned marketing tactics for your business, you can do considerably to boost your company and draw in more customers during the present time. It might be challenging at first but once you lay out a comprehensive marketing plan and work on, you are sure to succeed soon.