Is it Time to Change Your Old Mattress - Check for These Signs to Know!

Most of us are so conscious about health and well-being, do regular exercises, keen on a diet, doing frequent physical check-ups, lab evaluations, etc., but there is one crucial thing many among us tend to ignore. It is the importance of a good night sleep, which acts as our physical and mental recharging process.

On asking, every one among two you meet will be complaining of sleep difficulties as frequently tossing over bed throughout the night, feeling tired of waking up, feeling tired at work and so on. The primary reason for all these may be the use of an old and weary bed, which you sleep on. If you face such problems, first check out for the below symptoms on your bed to identify whether it is time to change it or not.

1) Your bed weighing double heavier than actual

It is noted that after 5-6 years, your bed may weigh a lot higher than its actual weight, which is primarily due to the accumulation of dust mite feces. Dust mites used to build on the bed surface which primarily eats the dead skin cells falling out of our body. Their feces rest on the mattress surface and then slowly get sucked inside and stay there for long. These ultimately cause breathing problems, allergies, and other health issues.

2) Back and neck problems troubling you

Do you suffer from neck pain and lower back pain? It may be the old mattress contributing to it. Lying non-flat on a misaligned bed for many hours will not be good. If not aligned well, disk dehydration may happen during sleep. This may ultimately affect badly during the daily activities and ultimately tamper your good health. Investing on a quality memory foam mattress will help to avoid these troubles and ultimately support your back and body well for optimal performance. Memory Foam Talk suggests changing mattresses after a particular period to ensure the top benefits.

Mattresses are meant to be changed over time

As many of them falsely believe, mattresses are not meant for lifelong service. The average life of a mattress through which it can give you optimum performance is 8 to 10 years. Physicians suggest that you shouldn’t be sleeping a mattress which is older than ten years regardless how much you paid for it. Many companies now produce quality memory foam mattresses, which comes in various sizes and price ranges for you to choose.

How a change in mattress can help

A good mattress, which offers excellent body support and comfortable sleeping opportunity can ensure many allied benefits like:

  • Avoiding any chance of back and neck pain.

  • Maintain a good body couture and structure.

  • Increase alertness and presence of mind.

  • Increase memory skills and problem-solving ability.

  • Also, help decrease accidents by being alert to name a few.

The mattress companies coming up with new models not only focus on comfort and quality, but they are trying to incorporate the benefits of many scientific advancements to increase the life of mattress as well as the quality of life of people who are using it. Memory foam mattresses of superior quality now have a life of more than 20 years.