Singapore Homes

Homes in Singapore are so varied. While you will find that many startup homes include HDB flats and executive condominiums, there are also older ancestral houses, terraced homes and the like. While there is a variation in the types of homes available in the market, one thing is for sure: more people are looking to spruce up their home and truly call it theirs–and this is why they turn to interior design.

Interior design is more than just slapping together a couple of couches and a rug and calling it a day. More than that, it requires attuning oneself with the needs and personality of the client and fitting their design needs with their space needs.

Interior design in Singapore these days is focused with matching form with functionality. It also requires a little bit of ingenuity especially for renters who might not be able to make drastic design changes to their homes because of contract agreements with their landlords.

Here are some interior design ideas for Singapore homes.

1) Double duty furniture:

Form and function go together, so why not take it to the next level? Ask your interior designer to look for pieces that can serve multiple purposes: a coffee table with hidden storage, a kitchen counter that can serve as a breakfast nook, or a wall divider that can stand as a bookshelf and knick-knacks holder.

2) Look for good quality pieces that don’t require commitment:

So you can’t add carpeting to your floors because of a rental agreement? Rugs in the color scheme that you want might be the next best alternative. Not allowed to make a divider? Temporary accordion dividers or even shelving can be your solution. Interior design in Singapore works around these rules so that you can have what you want in the long run.

3) Accessorize:

Curtains, slipcovers and pillows are available in so many colors and patterns. They are a wonderful opportunity to add your special touch to a undistinguished room. Then bring in coordinating accessories to complete the look.

4) Alternative painting:

If you can’t paint the walls, paint the furniture. Adding a beautiful color to your furniture can add just as much punch to a space as a new color on the walls.

5) Mirror play:

Hang a large mirror. Mirrors are especially great in small spaces, because they reflect light and make rooms appear larger. It’s like adding another window to the room.