Information on Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine gives you the permission as someone from a foreign country or stateless person to reside within the territory of Ukraine for a set length of period.

With temporary residence permit in Ukraine, you are to abide within the regulations stated in the Law of Ukraine during your temporary residence. The work permit in Ukraine contains information about your identity and proves that you have the permission to stay in Ukraine for a temporary period.

When you apply for the permit, you must provide a valid reason why you want to reside in the UK. There are a few acceptable reasons for example, you have got a job offer; you want to be with a spouse or family member who is working in Ukraine; you are taking up a charity work at an organization registered in the Ukraine; you have registered yourself to enroll in a volunteering work; you are sent to Ukraine by a mass media company as a correspondent; or you are transferred to a Ukraine college/university to continue your education.

If you marry someone who has a Ukrainian citizenship, you also have permission to request for temporary residence permit. You can always come back to Ukraine to visit the spouse that have just married in Ukraine. In this situation, you are to obtain the D-type visa and state your reason as family reunion when you apply for a temporary residence permit. Documents that you need to provide if you want to see someone whom you’ve married in Ukraine are the marriage certificate, medical insurance and a few application forms.

In addition, they will ask you to attach a long list of documents in your application for the temporary residence permit. Some of these documents include passport, petition form, application form, certification to prove you are clean of criminal record, and other supporting documents that give you reason to stay in Ukraine temporarily.  You must have every page of your passport translated from your native language to English language.

Usually, it will take around 15 days for them to issue the temporary residence permit. After you arrive at Ukraine, you have to register your residency. There are a few documents you must submit  to register your residency including application, deregistration ticket, documents that show you have the permission to live in a housing, etc.

The process of applying for a Ukrainian temporary residence permit can be difficult especially for foreigners who don’t know a thing about the country regulation. If you are not familiar with the process, you can get help from a professional company that is specialized in offering this service. They can give you counseling on the entire procedure so that you know what type of documents are needed and other things that you need to do when applying for a temporary residence permit.

The professional company will double check the documents that need to be submitted to ensure that they did not miss anything. They will pay a visit to the SMSU and submit the application along with all the necessary documents. When the permit is issued, they will obtain it on your behalf and pass it on to you.